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BiGZiP is a graphically rich, Java based compression tool. It is developed around a user interface that is easy and intuitive to navigate. It fully supports zip compression and allows for the development of new compression schemes via itamp;#8217;s APIs



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Bsolana - An approach for the analysis of two-base encoding bisulfite sequencing data

B-SOLANAFunctionB-SOLANA provides a fast and accurate all-in-one approach including alignment and methylation calling of two-base encoding (“colorspace�) bisulfite sequencing data. The publication of B-SOLANA in Bioinformatics can be found here Our review about primary data analysis in BS-Seq can be found here Coding languagePython ( RequirementsMinimum hardware requirements: 4 processors, 8GB RAM. Operating System requirements: B-SOLANA has been developed for Linux/UN