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A sample Silverlight 2.0 beta 1 application utilizing Microsoft's Deep Zoom technology along with Vertigo's Big Picture™ mouse interaction handing code (as seen in the Hard Rock Memorabilia application)



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Slsnake - Silverlight Version Game: Snake

Silverlight Version Game: Snake demo address: SLSnake DEMO

Learnprism - Silverlight Prism learning project

This is a code project for Silverlight Prism learning with demo code and example project

Silverlight Gadgets

The Silverlight Gadgets is a collection of Silverlight simple applications. It includes full source code, binaries and demos.

Silverlight Virtual Earth World Clock

This is a world clock using Virtual Earth for the world clock. It uses Silverlight and Virtual Earth through the VIEWS wrapper (also a codeplex project). Originally it was created as a simple, but flashy :) demo of Silverlight for global aware apps.

Silverlight +OpenXML Page Turn

This is a Silverlight proof of concept application that takes a simple Word document and displays it in the form of a book. I used Silverlight PageTurn demo as a foundation.

Simple Silverlight Bounce Effect

Simple bounce effect in Silverlight. A demo of this project can be seen at

Eipkit - Simple Messaging Kit for Enterprise Integration Patterns

This messaging kit contains one simple component for about a dozen patterns presented in Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIP). You can combine the components into a larger messaging solution. The kit uses MSMQ, but this dependency is abstracted behind a generic MessageGateway interface. See BigPicture.

Stochastic-beam-search-demo - Silverlight demo of a stochastic beam search

This is a teaching tool to visualize how a stochastic beam search works. It uses Silverlight 3.0.