Bignumber-billjeff - C++ Based Number Class

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IntroductionThis is a C++ based big number class. I host this project just for fun. There are some powerful libs for high precision arithmetic operations such as GMP. I hope to improve my coding ability through this project. LogJan/8/2008 - Update wiki page. Jan/16/2008 - BigInt Class, write the souce code for ctr for arguments such as string/C-string/int etc and test the code. Jan/29/2008 - Implement add/minus function for int( class BigInt ). Jan/31/2008 - Implement and debug for add operation. Feb/8/2008 - Implement memory model for bigint class. Feb/10/2008 - Implement power(m, n) function, solve several bugs, upload source codes to svn repository in trunk directory. Feb/19/2008 - Implement factorial(n) function. Solve several bugs including bugs in pdivide function. Feb/21/2008 - Debug operator %, find some bugs in pminus() function and solve them. Feb/22/2008 - BigReal ctors implementation and debug. Feb/23/2008 - BigReal constructor function implement. Mar/3/2008 - BigReal ctor debug, test several test cases for BigReal. Mar/4/2008 - BigReal debug, finish debuging ctors. Implement copy ctor. Mar/6/2008 - Implement BigReal's ctor for BigInt and vice versa; Implement operator>> for BigReal; Implement operator= for BigReal. Mar/11/2008 - Implement member function swap for BigReal and BigInt; Implement swap function in func.h; Implement pcomp, ==, !=, >=, >, <=, < . Mar/12/2008 - Debug: ==, !=, >=, >, <=, < and pcomp. Mar/25/2008 - BigReal::Add() implement. Mar/26/2008 - BigReal::add() implement and debug. Mar/27/2008 - BigReal::add() debug. April/1/2008 - BigReal::add() debug, finish positive add positive and negative add negative function debug. April/2/2008 - Implement pminus() and finish implement add() function. April/10/2008 - Implement minus() and test it. April/13/2008 - Implement BigReal::multiply() and test it. April/15/2008 - Implement BigReal and BigInt's divide function. April/22/2008 - Implement BigReal's divide function, debug BigInt and BigReal's divide function. May/6/2008 - Debug BigReal::Divide, BigInt::Divide, BigReal::resultAdjust. May/8/2008 - Finish debugging about BigReal::divide. Add several overloaded functions in func.h and func.cpp files. May/12/2008 - Implement sqrt and abs function in func.cpp May/13/2008 - Solve bugs in BigReal::pcomp, sqrt for BigInt. May/14/2008 - Implement billjeff::sqrt for BigReal and finish debug it. Debug billjeff::abs template function. Implement operator% for BigInt and test it. May/20/2008 - Impelment isPrime() in func.cpp and debug it. May/24/2008 - Add keyword explicit to BigInt and BigReals' ctors which are used to construct BigReal and BigInt's object from other types such as int/string etc. And finish debug T18 in test_bigreal.cpp. Add overloaded function in func.h for comparison and math operations. See svn diff for more details. May/26/2008 - Implement and debug fib(BigInt) and fib(int) in func.cpp. May/27/2008 - Implement gcd and lcm in func.h, and debug them. May/28/2008 - Finish Implement functions specified in func.h. Add try...catch block to new and delete statements. May/29/2008 - Improve power function using binary way. Release the version 1.0 of BigNumber. Current WorkTo implement sqr, sqrt, log, pi calculation, isprime, nextPrime, gcd, lcm, fibnacci, abs, bit, random, math related functions. To implement XML-RPC supported server program. TODOMulti-thread support. Reference some functions from other libs. Limit the value of mem ;



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