BigNumber for .NET

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The BigNumber project is a testbed for developing various implementations of big integers and rational numbers in C#. The main guideline of the project is simplicity of use, robustness and completness of the libraries. The library will provide various algorithms for general use.



Related Projects

Blaise Script

Blaise is an open-source object-oriented scripting language. Language features: Object-oriented. Unicode support. Optional typing, ie dynamic or static typing. Richly typed. Higher-level mathematics support, for example Complex numbers, Rational numbers and Matrices. Virtual Machine architecture. Co-routines. Familiar language syntax, influenced by Object Pascal, Python and Ada.

Bignumbers - big numbers in c#

basic operation on big integer numbers (from minus infinity to plus infinity ) available numeral system <2,256^4>

Symja - A Java computer algebra system

Symja is a pure Java library for symbolic mathematics. It was forked from the MathEclipse project. Its features include arbitrary precision integers, rationals and complex numbers, polynomials, differentiation, pattern matching and linear algebra.


MPCLI is a library that brings the power of the GNU MP big numbers library to those who use CLS-compliant languages such as C#, F#, and Visual Basic. This library is great for both beginning and experienced developers to use and build upon.

Trove - High performance collections for Java

Trove provides fast, lightweight implementations of the java.util Collections API. These implementations are designed to be pluggable replacements for their JDK equivalents. This gap in the JDK is often addressed by using the "wrapper" classes (java.lang.Integer, java.lang.Float, etc.) with Object-based collections. For most applications, however, collections which store primitives directly will require less space and yield significant performance gains.

Rnio - Ruby Numeric input/output is a package for reading and writing numeric types

Nio (Numeric input/output) is a Ruby package for text-formatted input/output and conversion of scalar numeric types. This library formats numbers as text numerals and reads them back into numeric objects. The numeric types Integer Rational, BigDecimal and Float are supported. Conversion between the numerical types is also provided.

bignumber.js - A JavaScript library for arbitrary-precision decimal and non-decimal arithmetic

A JavaScript library for arbitrary-precision decimal and non-decimal arithmetic


Fibonacci Algorithm using BigInteger. Developed in language java.