BigFish Firewall

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The BigFish Firewall is a suite PHP5 scripts for generate iptables scripts extremely customisables and flexibles. Here are some of the standout features of Bigfish Firewall: Kernel Vars adjust: Tunning the linux kernel proc variables to securing your sys



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BigFish is a world class solution that leverages the power of the Open for Business (OFBiz) open source project. OFBiz is the foundation for thousands of eCommerce and ERP solutions. BigFish extends, enhances and simplifies OFBiz. All the necessary revenue-enhancing features have been added to a solid, stable foundation. The solution is open, flexible, production-ready, and scalable.

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pywrapperExample: # test memcached>>> from pywrapper.kv import create_wrapper>>> w = create_wrapper('memcached', host='', port=11211)>>> w.set("name", "smallfish")>>> print w.get("name")smallfish>>> w.update("name", "bigfish")>>> print w.get("name")bigfish>>> w.delete("name")>>> print w.get("name")None# test redis>>> w = create_wrapper('redis', host='', port=6379, db=1)# test tokyotyrant>>> w = create_wrapper('tokyotyrant', host='', port=1978)

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Rails module for Bigfish Payment Gateway

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Community system


A simple line drawing tool using HTML5 Canvas