Big Brother

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Big-Brother is a collection of J2EE filters and servlets that provide custom monitoring and auditing of web-applications, keeping track of who does what, when, and how often. It makes use of the jakarta-apache Struts framework for the interface GUI.



Related Projects

Xymon systems and network monitor

Xymon is a system for monitoring of hosts and networks, inspired by the Big Brother system. It provides real-time monitoring, an easy web-interface, historical data, availability reports and performance graphs.

Big Brother Bot (B3)

BigBrotherBot (B3) is a cross-platform, cross-game game administration bot. Features in-game administration of game servers, multiple user access levels, and database storage. Currently include parsers for: Call of Duty, Urban Terror and more!

Jerba CMS for Google App Engine

Jerba is a CMS to run on top of the Google App Engine. Set up a blog or a corporate website with this software in no time and with all the reliability and scalability of the elastic services from the big brother Google.

App-stat - AppStat collects and displays application usage data for a particular user in real time.

AppStat is an improved version of Swaroop's Big Brother ( Some of the implemented/planned features/improvements are. ptimises the loss of time due to secondary processing (UI,I/O), giving more accurate results. dentifies the parent process of the current window in focus, thus correcting confusing output (for example, Big Brother would classify the Save As dialog of two different programs under one heading, thus not only providing useless data, but actu

Sys-mon-lite - light weight system management framework

'sys::mon::lite' is intended for use:    * as a framework for managing a system by means of an extendible plugin mechanism    * to manage single or multiple system checks, calculating an overall alert level based on the output of a given set of pre-registered plugins    * to augment the monitoring capabilities of existing monitoring solutions    * where use of full scale monitoring applications the likes of Nagios, BigBrother etc to monitor a systems availability and / or performance may not be


Very simple and lightweight system and network monitor for Unix systems influenced by Big Brother and Hobbit monitoring systems.

Big Brother Log Analyzer

The Big Brother Log Analyzer (BBLA) is a package consisting of an HTTP logger and of a log analyzer. It provides a lightweight and free solution (with no banners!) for individual users and/or systems administrators willing to track their audience.

Bbbvotesystem - A vote system for "Big Brother" like TV shows.

This is an university project, for test and use the technology of digital TV format used in Brazil. So we are developing this project using the NCL language and Lua. The goal of this application, is to build a simple vote system to allow people to vote using the resources and interactivity available for Digital TV, selecting their candidate to eliminate from TV show.

Mylime - MyLime is a MVC-framework with friendly URLs.

What is it?MyLime is a small, easy to use and simple Model-View-Controller-framework written in PHP. For more information about MVC frameworks view this. HistoryThe idea of MyLime came 2009, because we wanted to use SilverStripe but it was tooo big for us and for the server. We decided to build a "small brother" of it. Technical detailsMyLime uses: the Tiny-MCE editor Spyc library for reading the YAML model and settings files and the Prototype and the javascript libraries. It has

Apache Observer

Smart apache logfile sniffer to assign given IP's to names. It's a tool to check if special guests are visiting your webserver or Big Brother is watching you. Works with a CSV-list of IP's or IP-ranges.