bif-c, a near fig-FORTH in C

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C language implementation of my BIF 6809 variant of fig-FORTH. May be interesting to programmers with C background who want to understand the high-level version of the low-level of FORTH. Those requiring a fully functioning FORTH may look elsewhere.



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Uwinf - Micro Windows Foundation

In the start this was i OS/2 and Win32 porting project, but as we all know, OS/2 is no more. So the former BIF is a small low footprint Win32 wrapper, meant to make C++ coding possible in windows, without large dependencies. Most of the work done here are made by ISJ, and some are made by me.

Bifbotkasql - Tool the Run a SQL Query against Agresso and Output a file to Interface with IBS

Bifbotka SQL is an Active Scaffold Ruby on Rails web application that uses a SQL query, extracts transactions from Agresso then allows user to modify transactions and then outputs s friendly file such as a tab delimited text or Excel CSV file. It is based on the highly successful Propmansheet web application and original bifBOTka application. This example is used to post cash payments from the Agresso bank statement to the IBS Revenue and Benefits System. You can use this code as a basis to make


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netbiff - extensible mail biffing utility

extensible mail biffing utility

erl-rmmseg - This library binds rmmseg-cpp to erlang as BIF.

This library binds rmmseg-cpp to erlang as BIF.

bif5-sks-csharp - Softwarekomponentensystem Übung in C#

Softwarekomponentensystem Übung in C#

bif - An entirely human readable/writeable image format

An entirely human readable/writeable image format


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