Bidule - a Zend FrameWork implementation

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Bidule is a implementation of Zend Framework



Related Projects

Bidule-group-manager - Group management and catalog generator for Plogue Bidule

Manage your groups for Plogue Bidule, easy editing of names, display paths, author names, versions etc. Generate a catalog file for the remote catalog feature.

Praxis - InterMedia System

Praxis is a Java-based modular framework for live creative play with video, images, audio, and other media. Its primary focus is on the easy development of generative and interactive media installations, as well as live performance. Praxis LIVE is a graphical, patcher-style interface for developing Praxis projects 'on the fly'. Praxis is developed by UK Artist and Technologist Neil C Smith. It is partly inspired by projects such as AudioMulch, Bidule and Isadora, and to a lesser extent Pure Data


A collection of the bidule groups used for The Heads project