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A client-side Silverlight library for performing a bicubic resize.



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Resize-crop - Handy jQuery plugin for uniform resizing & cropping.

Resize & CropHandy jQuery plugin for uniform resizing & cropping. Ideal for avatars and images with concrete size. See examples to get better understanding what Resize & Crop can do for you. Example how Resize & Crop works: Code example: <script src="js/jquery.resizecrop.js"></script><script type="text/javascript"> $().ready(function() { $('img').cropresize({ width:40, height:60, vertical:"top" }); }); </script>Note: If the image looks awful in IE6-7 try to use this little CSS snippet for better

Glumpy - Fast OpenGL numpy visualization

glumpy is a small python library for the rapid vizualization of numpy arrays, (mainly two dimensional) that has been designed with efficiency in mind. If you want to draw nice figures for inclusion in a scientific article, you’d better use matplotlib. If you want to have a sense of what’s going on in your simulation while it is running, then maybe glumpy can help you. Dependenciesglumpy is made on top of PyOpenGL ( and since glumpy is dedicated to numpy visua

Pycprintcheck - check the printability of your digital photos

What?PycPrintCheck (ppc) is a python script that accepts a photo filename or directory and tells you if your photo(s) can be printed out in a certain format (e.g. 9x13, A4,...) the largest possible printout format for your photo(s) all possible printout formats for your photo(s) For making its decisions, ppc compares the absolute resolutions (megapixels) of your photo file(s) and the selected format. If a photo file has enough pixels, its width/height ratio is compared to the one of the format.

Astir - Astronomic Image Rendering

ASTronomic Image RenderingA new release is coming, everything was rebuilded (with a new kernel) (French section below) Astir is an interactive shell which gives couple of functions of image processing and image rendering. Functions are specially design to enhance astronomic images from pictures or videos. Purpose of this project is to give powerful functions to any amateur astronomers. The blueprint of Astir is to design complete feature of mosaicing, super-resolution, filtering, analysis, etc.

Subpixelresample - SubpixelResample is a tool to resample images using subpixel resampling.

SubpixelResample is a tool that is meant to take advantage of LCD's subpixels when resampling images. Taking advantage of these subpixels can actually produce a sharper looking thumbnail than if you were just to resample it using bicubic, bilinear, or other resampling methods. SubpixelResample is written in Objective-C. Small changes can be made to the source to allow it to compile with Cocotron for Linux as a target.

parallel-bicubic-interpolation - Parallel implementation of bicubic interpolation algorithm

Parallel implementation of bicubic interpolation algorithm

pretty-heatmaps - Create geographic heat maps with bicubic interpolation

Create geographic heat maps with bicubic interpolation