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The bibutils program set interconverts between various bibliography formats using a common MODS-format XML intermediate.



Related Projects

Opcit - Bibliography manager with database backend

A bibliography manager with either sqlite or postgres backend.The goal of opcit is to provide a multi-user application for managing references and bibliographies. Still in the very early phases, but can:* python and qt based GUI* add new, edit, and delete references.* using the bibutils suite can import and export from a wide variety of formats (bibtex, ISI, etc.)* primitive import of PubMed records* primitive ability to format OpenOffice documentsSee the wiki (look at tabs above) for installati

Compgrafica - Simulação simples, em 3D, usando OpenGL e C/C++

Trabalho de conclusão da disciplina: Computação gráfica. Manual do Usuário e Imagens do Programa- Ver o PDF do link abaixo - Download do código fontesvn checkout compgrafica-read-only Caso haja problemas com os arquivos binários, como as imagens da pasta textura, entre em contato. Visualizar o código fonte Compilar e Executar em WindowsD


A command line script to get a BibTex file out of a plain text bilbiography. Separate calls to ParsCit, an XSLT transformation and Bibutils are piped into a single command line script.

bibutils - Environment with some general article list manipulations (like "Citation Helper")

Environment with some general article list manipulations (like "Citation Helper")