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BibteXML is a bibliography schema for XML that expresses the content model of BibTeX – the bibliographic system for use with LaTeX. Stylesheets and conversion tools are provided.



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a webbased multiuser bibliography management tool. it allows to convert to bibtex, bibtexml and other formats such as html, text,.. the user is allowed to define own formats via xsl style sheets. anonymous users can be allowed to browse lists


JReferences is a tool to store and retrieve bibliographic references from a file or MySQL database. It reads BibTeXML, DocBook XML and RIS type references, and can output these and BibTex. A bibtex like alternative is also provided for DocBook XML docu

html2bib - Extract citations from web pages and save them to BibTeXML

Extract citations from web pages and save them to BibTeXML


A ressurrection of the bibtexml project from SourceForge ( Schemas, XSL transformations, and scripts for working with BibTeX the XML way!

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