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BibDesk is a graphical bibTeX bibliography manager for Mac OS X.



Related Projects


AppleScripts for integrating BibDesk with Microsoft Word in Mac OS X. They allow non-destructive creation of bibliographies that draw their data from BibDesk publications. The aim is to approach the Microsoft Word integration of other software.

Bibix - Because Papers2, Mendeley, Zotero, Bibdesk, etc, doesn't deliver for die-hard CS uber-re

A project that came out of pure frustration with the current Gui options for article/reference/bibtex management (such as mekentosj's Papers, Papers2, Mendeley, Zotero, Bibdesk, etc). This program is geared toward CS researchers who love latex, bibtex, command lines, (and vim, not emacs ;-) j/k emacs is also cool). Key features that other tools cant do well: Import massive database of bibtex Supports 10s of thousands of articles in the database. Elegant and snappy cmd line interface. Browse and

Fileview - Gridded icon view framework for Cocoa

ConceptSimilar to IKImageBrowserView, but supports arbitrary drawing via icon subclasses, and is compatible with 10.4. A single-column view that scales icons to fit containers is also available. The view scales to several thousand icons with no problem, and takes advantage of multiple processors/cores when possible. Memory usage for the framework should remain low. Here's a screenshot of one of the SamplePrograms: Supported File and URL TypesPDF/PostScript Skim PDFD Anything NSAttributedString c

bibdesk - BibDesk svn tracking

BibDesk svn tracking

bibdesk-hacks - Small hacks related to BibDesk

Small hacks related to BibDesk

nanoc-bibdesk - BibDesk integration for nanoc

BibDesk integration for nanoc


BibDesk BibTex bibliography manager for MacOS X

bibshop - GTK-based clone of BibDesk

GTK-based clone of BibDesk