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Bib-it is a BibTeX frontend and a bibliographic style generator.



Related Projects


Cloister is a Mac OS X application (Objective-C/Cocoa) designed to keep track of technical papers. PDF versions of papers are stored alongside their BibTeX details and it's easy to generate BibTeX files and citations for your LaTeX documents.

PHP Paper and Proceedings Database

A php/mysql application that implements a conference proceedings and papers database and the tools to view and update it. Papers can be linked to more than one proceeding and can have multiple file attachments. Papers can be exported to BibTex or Refer.

Exsited - Extensible and Simple Tex Editor (exsited!)

DescriptionThe goal of this project is to create a WYSIAWYG editor for LaTeX, where WYSIAWYG stands for "what you see is ALMOST what you get". State of the ArtIf you take a look at the Comparison of TeX editors available in the Wikipedia, you'll see that few editors provide a WYSIWYG solution: BaKoMa TeX, Lyx, and Scientific WorkPlace. In my opinion, these editors are too similar to real WYSISYG word processing programs, like LibreOffice's Writer or Microsoft Work. I really like LaTeX and I enjo

Bibtex2dot - BibTeX to Dot converter

Create appealing visualizations from BibTeX files. Find out which keywords or authors are related to each other. This tool takes BibTeX bibliography files and creates graphs in .dot format from it. The .dot format can be read by visualisation tools like dot, neato or fdp.

Jinngine - Lightweight 3d physics engine written in Java

Real time lightweight 3d physics engine written in Java... aimed at real-time capabilities. The user can setup and simulate physical configurations, by calling API functions to specify geometries, joints, and parameters. The engine is build around a velocity based complementarity formulation, which is solved with a simple NCP solver. Friction is modeled using a simple approximation of the Coloumb law of friction. These techniques are state of the art and widely used in other engines such as ODE

Bufvc-potnia-framework - PHP framework for searching academic and other databases

IntroductionThe BUFVC Potnia Framework is a release of source code based on the developments undertaken for the British Universities Film and Video Council (BUFVC) website which currently performs federated searches across 9 major databases storing some 13 million records. The work was carried out by Invocrown Ltd in association with BUFVC and Royal Holloway University of London and financed by a research grant from the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC). The federated search aspect is

Delicious-library-export - Get your Delicious Library books into Zotero

Delicious Library Export converts Delicious Library's data file into a format readable by Zotero. Eventually it will export to BibTeX as well (for use with LaTeX). For now, you can use Zotero to export BibTeX. The ZIP file on the right contains:, an Apple Script to do the conversion. dl2rdf.xsl, the XSL file used in the conversion (if you want to tweak it) a README file Some supporting EXSLT files

Disser-bibliography - Microsoft Word 2007 Bibliography style for dissertation

Since preinstalled Word 2007 'GOST' style doesn't follows GOST standart, I tried to create something suitable using BibWord template. It isn't finished yet, and you can help to improve it. For instructions, visit SVN_Getting_started

Lightcrawler - Open Source Crawler for Java

Light CrawlerAn Open Source Crawler for Java based on Crawler4j. Crawler4j is a good project which is smart and easy to use. We learn more from Crawler4j. It helps us a lot. We add some useful tools, made changes to rebuild it as LightCrawler for share and study. LightCrawler can control the depth of the crawler. Crawler will stop at the pointed depth. LightCrawler can choose which url should crawl and which should not crawl by config forbidden regex and allowed regex. LightCrawler is also Multi

Loap - Lobsters on a Plane

"A flying tube of riveted aluminum the length of a football field, a swarm of angry carnivorous lobsters, a seething mass of frightened mortal passengers, and a renowned High Wizard who you sworn to protect. Hope you brought a bib." This game is a humorous-fantasy text adventure ("interactive fiction") originally written for a "speed" competition. It was mostly written in 8 hours, then completed haphazardly over the course of a week. It's decidedly less polished then our other games, but then th