Brace For Impact (BFI)

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BFI is a 3rd person multiplayer realtime starship space combat game. Fleets fight for resources, and captains for promotion, in the style of Netrek and Navy Field.



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Bfi-forum - é um fórum que eu decidi criar para o meu site

é um forum do site BFI ( Brasfoot Inovando )

Ebankingpit - Student java project in the course of a software engineering lecture

Small java project in the course of the software engineering lecture at the university of applied sciences, bfi vienna, projectmanagement and information technologies, 4th semester. This application demonstrates a small banking application fulfilling only rudimentary requirements, such as create/manage users, create/manage accounts and create/manage transactions. In addition, a ticketing system is provided. Software requirements: mySQL

Onedotzero-ident - onedotzero 2009 identity generator

Aboutonedotzero is an international moving image festival, showcasing a variety of work from innovators across the globe. This year's festival identity was created collaboratively by Wieden+Kennedy & Karsten Schmidt (PostSpectacular). All identity assets were generated using a tailor made design/visualization tool, which has also been adapted to create a large scale (48m wide) interactive installation at BFI Southbank during the London festival. The installation allowed users to submit their own

Moanbot - Arduino based interactive robot shield from Tinker London

Arduino based interactive robot shield from Tinker London. Moanbot is a shield that transforms an Arduino into a robot shape, adding sensors, sound playback and an expressive display. Moanbot is complete, but utterly hackable at all skill levels. Modifications include Moanbot costumes, new speech in multiple languages, altered the displays and reprogrammed sensor algorithms. Installing the librarySetting up soundUploading to MoanbotMoanbot CommandsHacking MoanbotMoanbot was designed by Tinker Lo

Tinkerit - Open source releases from TinkerLondon and

Public software releasesTrueRandomA true random number generator library for Arduino. CantarinoA work-in-progress speech synthesiser, presented at Music Hack Day 2009. 'Daisy Bell' demo now available. Code snippetsThe SecretVoltmeter and SecretThermometer hiding on some Arduinos DmxSimpleA new way to control DMX on the Arduino. Add the! DMX shield, and drive lights, lasers and visual effects from Arduino. Update: New version 3 July 2009 AuduinoA granular synthesis engine using the Ardu

Mikebasic-applications - MikeOS Application Development

MikeOS BASIC ApplicationsThis is a hosting site which holds MikeOS BASIC projects. I have created most of the applications you see on this site , so let me know what you think of them or if there are any bugs. If you make changes to one of the projects (please use latest version) and want it uploaded you can email them to I am open to having projects of others hosted here. If you have a MikeOS application written in BASIC (not assembly or C) and you want it here, send

BFI-Core - BFI Core WordPress theme framework.

BFI Core WordPress theme framework.

bfical - Calendar generator for the BFI South Bank listings pages

Calendar generator for the BFI South Bank listings pages

bfi - Brainfuck interpreter

Brainfuck interpreter

sightandsound250 - Scrapes the Sight and Sound 250 list of films from the BFI website

Scrapes the Sight and Sound 250 list of films from the BFI website