BFE - Bochs Front End

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Graphical debugger interface for the Bochs PC emulator.



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phpBFE is a php script that allows users to browse the file structure of a servers file system from the selected directories. Users will be able to download the files by clicking on the link similar to windows explorer.

Findmyhash - Python script to crack hashes using online services try to crack different types of hashes using free online services. NOTE: 2.0 is coming!! The new version will have many changes and improvements. Some of these changes are: Empty hashes recognition Multi-thread analysis Algorithm recognition from the hash value Pause and Resume options Save the results into a file If you have some suggestion you would like to see in the new version, email us or use the "Issues" tab. 1.1.2 Usagepython findmyh

Mornifle-gentoo-package - My own package for gentoo

Overlay with packages related to graphics developpement package list: openscenegraph-2.2 nprofile animtk unittest++ libcwiimote here option of my layman.cfg overlays : : yesthen layman -L layman -a mornifle-gentoo-package

Lovebowen1 - Youzhong loves Bowen

<iframe class="igm" style="MARGIN-LEFT: 1em; MARGIN-RIGHT: 1em; cssFloat: " tabindex="0" height="75" igsrc="" width="320" src=";synd=trogedit&amp;;up_eve=%E5%A5%A5%E8%BF%90%E4%BC%9A&amp;up_mon=8&amp;up_dat=8&amp;up_yer=2008&amp;h=75&amp;w=320" allowTransparency scrolling="no" frameborder="0">Unknown end tag for </iframe> �文�文我爱你,就��鼠爱大米 <iframe marginwidth="0" marginheight="0"

Lit9 - Human computer interface based on a TV remote control to interact with a Linux OS

What is Lit9 Lit9 is an open source human computer interface; its main goal is to interact with a Linux system using a standard TV remote control as an input device. It is based on LIRC and it uses standard Xlib native functions to simulate mouse and keyboard (by means of predictive text technology) on the X Window System. It currently works on Ubuntu 9.x/10.x; it is tested with a standard MCE Kit (remote control and receiver) and with a generic remote control (Toshiba_CT-90287-TV), with USB-UIR

Pysl - SMS and call filter and cleaner app for iPhone

SMS and call filter and cleaner app for iPhone 2009/05/09 Pysl 2.0b3 source code available !- Source code of non public release is available for this beta test version (2.b3) 2008/20/08 Pysl 2.0b2 for firmware 2.0.x (2G and 3G)!!!- Only SMS filtering available in this beta test version Know issue: - No more than one black list can be added - Keyboard (keypad/alphanumeric..) - Call filtering disable - Reply (for unfiltered SMS) unavailable To test this ealy version, you need install Pysl manually

camel-examples - examples for COR, BEH, BFE and the WJAX 2011

examples for COR, BEH, BFE and the WJAX 2011


Demo for Steve Hickey's talk at Boston Front-End Developers Meetup on Jan. 23, 2013 titled "Forget Frameworks: Create Your Own Flexible Grid System"