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BF3Rcon is a .NET library for using BF3's (Battlefield 3) RCON interface within your .NET application. This project is developed in C# and is designed to be Mono-compatible.



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BF3Conn a PHP written class for developers who want to build their own webinterfaces to administrate their Battlefield 3 gameservers. It's also possible to create webpages just with reading server information so that you can display them on your site. This project is based on BC2Conn by jlnnn

Hydradmin - Admin program for Call of Duty: Black Ops

For a complete description, how-to's, discussions and the HydrAdmin blog, check out HydrAdmin Website Feel like donating?

Bf2stats - Official Battlefild 2 statistics updates

Update BF2 Statistics version 1.5.1 Released! Intro Unofficial Bf2 statistics provided by Wilson212. This version for bf2statistics contains many fixs to the 1.4.2 official version. All bug files are taken from here: ( ). I donot take credit for all of these fixes but i have made quite a few of my own. What is Bf2statistics? "BF2Statistics is designed to enable a server admin to run their own Private Statistics system for EA's Bat

Bfpy - Betfair Python Library

Python (>= 2.6.3/2.7.x) library to communicate with the Betfair Betting Exchange IntroductionBfPy eases the communication with the Betfair API by: Automated session management Default value for parameters for many calls (where they make sense) Default value for parameters wrongly described in the Betfair documentation as "non-mandatory" (although the WSDL file) Automatic removal of nullified arrays with empty arrays to allow seamless array iteration In-built (configurable) data request throttler

Bigflag - Bigflag is a data structure which allows you to manage a large amount of boolean flags eff

Bigflag is a data structure which allows you to manage a large amount of boolean flags effectively. In a specific condition, it can have billions flags in only hundreds of bytes. Bigflag is suitable for preservation of a large amount of numeric data, ID management, sorting integer and so on. ID managementFor example, you can create unique ID easily as follow: class IDManager{ Bigflag bf = new Bigflag(); int createID(){ int id = bf.seachOff(0, 1).get(0); bf.on(id); return id; } void cancelID(int

Adobe® Photoshop® filter host for .NET

An open source library to run 3rd party Adobe® Photoshop® compatible filters from a .NET application.

Cloud France Triple

Refonte de l'application de la Team France Triple vers Windows Azure.

Php-bloom-filter - a simple bloom filter implementation in PHP

INTRODUCTIONThis is a simple class which implements bloom filter in PHP. It is probably not useful for any particular purpose out-of-the-box because it does not deal with storage issues. Feel free to hack it to suit your needs or drop a ticket if you need a specific feature. A Bloom filter is a simple space-efficient randomized data structure for representing a set in order to support membership queries. Bloom filters have a great deal of potential for distributed protocols where systems need to

Ctypescrypto - Python OpenSSL Crypto Library using Ctypes

This library is a pure python cryptographic library for OpenSSL It provides: Hashing Algorithms: MD5, SHA1, SHA224, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512 Secret Key Encryption: DES, DES-EDE3, BF, AES-128, AES-192, AES-256 Confidentiality Modes: CBC, CFB, OFB, ECB OpenSSL Pseudo Random number generation. Future work would include Public Key Encryption: RSA (encrypt/decrypt, sign/verify) Certificates: X.509 Certificate parsing and validation Protocols: (TLS and SSL)

Plxc - plx compiler

PL/X CompilerNoticeSome bugs may exist in Syntax Analysis. I did carelessly in writing about Select Set. But we will deal with it BEFORE January 2011 :) Since I am busy on preparing post-graduate entrance examination these days. -- by Eli Syntax Define(1)prog="program"ds"begin"ss"end"".".(2)ds=d{";"d}.(3)ss=s{";"s}.(4)d="integer"aident{","aident}|"logical"bident{","bident}.(5)s=aident":="ae |bident":="be |"if"be"then"ss["else"ss] "end" |"while"be"do"ss"end" |"repeat"ss"until"be |"write"ae. |"for