Behavioural Specification SYstem

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A formal specification language and tools based on high-school mathematics - sets theory, functions, arithmetics and Boolean algebra.



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Ofeli - an Open, Fast and Efficient Level set Implementation

ReviewFeaturesLicenseAuthorAcknowledgmentsReferences Review Ofeli (as an acronym for Open, Fast and Efficient Level set Implementation) demonstrates how to operate an image segmentation algorithm of Y. Shi and W. C. Karl |1|, using a discrete approach for the approximation of level-set based curve evolution (implicit active contours). This is a novel (2005) and fast algorithm without the need of solving partial differential equations (PDE) while preserving the advantages of level set methods, su

Usacojourney - my source code of the USACO training program

What's thisThis is my source code of USACO training program. Since I haven't finished my journey of USACO yet, this repos will be updated time by time. Where I stopped/*I have finished the following problem from August to November,2008(lazy guy, hum..) and the journey of USACO was paused for my busy studying and projecting, and this list will be updated time by time.*/ Chapter 1\tDONE \t2008.11.04\tGetting started Section 1.0\tDONE\t2008.11.04 \tTEXT Introduction Section 1.1\tDONE\t2008.11.04 \t