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Beta-Brite Electronic Sign Protocol Interface Normalizer - A win32 program for allowing user scripts and other processes to share a Beta-Brite Electronic Sign connected to a PC serial port.



Related Projects


Style for Qt4, derived from the Style for the Oxygen project

Magnolia-module-bespin - A Magnolia CMS module to replace the existing Codepress editor with Bespin

This module embeds Mozilla Bespin within the Standard Templating Kit resource and template editors. It is currently for use and has been tested with the latest version of Magnolia STK (4.3.1).

Pyenet - Python bindings for the ENet library

pyenet is a python wrapper for the ENet library by Lee Salzman, It was originally written by Scott Robinson <> and is currently maintained by Andrew Resch <>.

Project-sinclair-cms - appengine cms

An open and free content management system for the app engine platform.SupportsPagesCreate and edit pages Bespin text editor for html editing Django page templates Content binding ContentGeneric content types AlbumsManage assets in both datastore and blobstore Supports 10mb datastore assets

Bradswolfplugins - A Collection of WolfCMS Plugins

What?As the tagline says - A Collection of WolfCMS Plugins. What is WolfCMS go and check out Wolf is a fork of FrogCMS so these plugins may work with Frog (no guarantees though.) And Frog is in turn a port of Radiant CMS for Ruby. The PluginsHere is a list of the plugins I have currently developed: BespinArea - A take on the old EditArea. Bespin being the new Mozilla Canvas based code Editor. Go check it out if you haven't

Thema-chrome - Chrome Extension to fast customize sites using your own css and js

Customize any sites using this Google Chrome Extension. Live CSS and JS editing. Jquery enhancement. You could now do your own themes for any sites.

B0n0b0 - Bespin extension for Google Wave

This project will bring collaborative code editing as provided by Bespin to google wave !

Mextis - DHTML (programming) text editor with reusable editor component

See also ACE ( --- Just learned about CodeMirror. It's closer in style to what I had planned for Mextis (or rather Textis), rather than Mozilla's Bespin. Until I learned about CodeMirror, I was about to resurrect the M/Textis idea. --- I had not planned to use Canvas, but maybe that's the right path. See Mozilla's Bespin for a web-based editor. My project here isn't likely to go anywhere. --- Mextis is meant to be a full-featured, cross-browser text editor. Not a rich text

3d-client-server-engine - An engine that is designed to make client server games in 3D easier

The purpose of this project is provide a generic framework for creating networked games using SDL and OpenGL. My plans for the engine include: Using C++ to write the server and the client Using the networking library enet ( Using OpenGL with SDL underneath it for the graphics and input/output. ( ( Eventually include Python or some other scripting language like lua for the objects that are in-game. ( (htt