The Berlin Project

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Please note that the berlin project isn't hosted on sourceforge any longer. Please visit us at lt;a href=quot;http://www.fresco.orgquot;gt;www.fresco.orglt;/agt; instead.



Related Projects


JS runs executables, scripts and database procedures (e.g. MySQL,SQL Server,Oracle ...). JS provides sequential/parallel tasks, job chains, distributed processing, events, sync-points, load balancing, failover, SAP R/3-Adapter and a real API. Release notes at FAQs at


The study environment of ancient languages (Coptic, Greek, Latin)

Computergrafikbht - Übungen für CG1

Übungen für CG1 an der BHT Berlin

Dmwatch - A tool for evaluating the official lists of monuments in Berlin Germany, also other towns,

dmWatch is going to be written in Java using a DB. It should assist in evaluating the changes in Berlins Monuments lists for historic research. The target is to create a tool which archives several goals. Storing history Gathering informations from flat text lists Easy to use Expandable Multi-threaded Graphical user interface and more..

Bierbot - Flaschenbot für

BierBot ist ein Hilfsmittel zum Flaschensammeln im Online-Spiel 'Pennergame (Berlin)'. Dieses Script ist nur zu Demonstrationszwecken, wie in Python programmiert werden kann, gedacht und wird ohne Gewährleistung angeboten. Die Verwendung des Scriptes erfolgt auf eigene Gefahr. Die Entwickler distanzieren sich ausdrücklich von jedem Missbrauch, der durch dieses Script von anderen betrieben wird.

Multitouch - A software API for multiple touch inputs

Note: This project is still in an early phase -> expect many changes/updates A Software API for Multiple Touch InputsThis Google Code project contains the public software libraries and demo applications developed within the Project: Multitouch at the Deutsche Telekom AG Laboratories, which is part of the TU Berlin. However, it is open to join! Please see the Project Goals page for (slightly) more information and have a look at some Pictures and Videos.

Imdbdumpimport - Parser and Importer for IMDB database dump files

This project imports the IMDB database dump (available at into a relational database. It currently supports import of only (movies,actors,actresses,languages,genres and ratings data). The plan is to extend the functionality to the entire database dump. The parser is (being) written in Perl and imports into a mysql database, but allows the user to plugin additional serialization options.