Benson Distributed Monitoring System

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Benson is an automated monitoring system designed to ease the life of a network, system, and database administrator. Benson harness the power of Perl for flexibility all while maintaining the low foot print required of a networked monitoring system.



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Benson Plant Rescue

Afterpy - A decoupled Python bytecode recorder, replayer and debugger based on Stackless Python and

AfterPy is a decoupled, distributed Python recorder, re-player and debugger. It is designed to help beginners to visualize program running states. We hope it'll be helpful for CS educational purpose. Our recorder code is forked from the original stackless analyzer written by Professor Greg D. Benson, of Computer Science Department, University of San Francisco. AfterPy is able to record Python script running states per bytecode, and store them into database. The database can later be opened to re

Protobuf-c - C bindings for Google's Protocol Buffers

OverviewThis package provides a code generator and runtime libraries to use Protocol Buffers from pure C (not C++). It uses a modified version of protoc called protoc-c. DocumentationSee our wiki for documentation. We are working on a page of Examples - please consider helping us improve it by reviewing it in partial draft form! NewsMar 10, 2011protobuf-c 0.15 is released. This is a bug-fix release. make protobuf_c_message_init() into a function (Issue #49, daveb) Fix for freeing memory after un

Introse-s12-grpi-ay201112t1 - Group I INTROSE project

INTROSE S12 - Group ITUP Attendance and Data Management System SystemGroup membersBriones, Benson Caldez, Reginald Castro, Jigs Co, Kelvin

Relpermexplorer - A Collection of Relative Permeability Curves for CO2 and Brine for Carbon Sequestr

At the Benson Lab at Stanford University we are collecting all known CO2/brine relative permeability curves and presenting them, with all known metadata, in a rich internet application. This site is intended to serve the community interested in geologiccarbon sequestration.

Imosdota - The site for IMOS DOTA TEAM

Team member: Roger,Leo,Wesley,Mac,Kevin,Peter,Shuyi,Jason,Andy,Benson Now the google provide the SNS service as BUZZ. You can just add the contact named to watch and follow the latest news. 为了方便benson了解情况,�次dota之�,在这里会�布消�。 latest:2010-02-04 9:00pm

Gpops - Gauss Pseudospectral Optimal Control Software (GPOPS)

GPOPS (which stands for Gauss Pseudospectral Optimal Control Software) is a MATLAB software that solves optimal control problems using pseudospectral methods. In particular, GPOPS uses the Gauss pseudospectral method (GPM) that has been the topic of considerable research at MIT, The University of Florida, and The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Inc. GPOPS has been made possible in large part due to the excellent doctoral work of Dr. David Benson (Ph.D., Department of Aeronautics and Astronautic

Transformapplier - "Transformer", a windows application to transform AAVSO observation rep

As you work your way up the learning curve of CCD photometry one of the later refinements is to develop transform coefficients for your telescope/filter/CCD camera setup. There are several references from the AAVSO website on how to do this and I’ve included some of them below. Once you have your coefficients you need to apply them to your observations. This can be a confusing process and usually involves transcribing your data to various spreadsheets. I offer here an application that is meant

Fillatoms - C code for atomistic polycrystalline structure generation

DescriptionThis code generates an arrangement of atom in FCC crystal structure in attempt to represent an FCC polycrystalline structure. It is written in c and should be able to compile on any GNU c compatible compiler. The make file is supplied. The code employsVoronoi Tessellation Vector & Plane search Euler parameters (Coordinate rotation) Bucket search algorithm Random cell locations Random Orientations Periodic boundary condition RequirementUser must have qhull ( insta