Browser Plugin for Typing Bangla

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A Free, Open Source browser plugin to type Bangla using Phonetic method. Works for all modern browsers (Firefox / Google Chrome/ Opera)



Related Projects

Indic Onscreen Keyboard

iok is Indic Onscreen Keyboard. This application shows Inscript keymaps for following Indian languages and allows you to type characters shown in GUI. Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Malayalam, Punjabi, Oriya, Tamil, Telugu. iok

Wpbanglaplugins - Some small WordPress plugins for Bangla (Bengali) blogs

It's not a single tool. There is collection of good WordPress Plugins for Bloggers using Bangla (Bengali) in their WordPress blogs.

Anubadok: The Bengali Machine Translator

Anubadok: The Bengali Machine Translator. A machine translation system for English to Bengali.

Vkeyboard - Virtual Keyboard API

This project is basically designed to develop a virtual keyboard that lets you type anything using your favorite keyboard layout of your language. This project can now be used to type in Bengali Unicode characters using "Unijoy" keyboard layout. One can easily develop a virtual representation of any keyboard layout of his own language.


An Optical Character Recognition application for high quality printed text, geared towards (but not restricted to) the Bengali script.


BonGoLipi (Bong-Go-Lipi) is a transliteration tool to convert phonetically typed Bengali (Bangla) into text displayable with Unicode or non-Unicode fonts. It supports different transliteration schemes. The objective is to propagate standardized Bengali.

Bengali on Linux

Quite some work has been going on all around the world to support Bengali on Linux. This is an effort to bring all of it, or as much as possible, together in one place.

Bangla-calendar - Bengali Calendar Library

This Project creates libraries for calculations for the Bengali calendar ( )

Dhvani - TTS System for Indic Languages

Dhvani is Text-to-Speech System for Indic Languages. Current C- GNU/Linux implementation supports Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Malayalam, Gujarati, Bengali, Telugu, Panjabi, Tamil and Oriya.

Bengali-exchange - Learning useful Bengali words and expressions

If you like learning a new language, Bengali or Bangla is a good way to go. You can start with some Bengali words, phrases and common expressions.