Black Engine

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An open source, cross platform, 3D Graphics Simulation Engine written in C++ using SDL and OpenGL. It loads in v.30 BSP files from Half-Life.



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Blitzzengine - A framework for 2D game development

OverviewBeng is a project to create an API/framework/engine that can aid in writing 2D games with the C++ language. Beng will be a class library that includes many convenience classes for piecing together a functional game, an engine that handles many aspects of the game such as game flow, and an optional framework for building graphical interfaces within these creations. Beng is an attempt to adhere to the following Five Principles of a Usable Game Framework: #1: Anyone should be free to use th

Vsiogap3d - 3D Visalisation of Sensor Information on Google Android Platform

This final year BEng project aims to develop an application that presents a three-dimensional model of a building. It shold also connect to the data repository and download building sensor information such as temperature and lighting conditions in individual rooms. It should then represent the conditions in each room by visualising them on the model - for instance adding a lighting source if the room light is on, making it appear red if it is hot etc. The data is stored in OWL (Web Ontology Lang

Girgit - गिरगिट • গিরগিট • கிரà¯�கிடà¯� • à°—à°¿à°°à°—à°¿à

भारतीय लिपियों और रोमन लिपि के बीच लिप�यंतरण के लि� क�छ उपयोगी माल। कूट के उदाहरण Beng Deva Gujr Guru Knda Latn Mlym Orya Taml Telu

Nibz - VHDL Microprocessor

Stuff in the pipeline On hold but not abandoned pHone language under development removing the shadow registers for lower area. This would make a 6 clock cycle. A 7 clock cycle maybe done, where the 3 in 1 is not directly assigned to din, so allowing fast registering of din, and hence better memory timing possible fixed memory area allocation of R and S stacks, for lower area on device X7 Major Release (Finalized First Release Architecture)No opcodes or architecture design decisions altered. X7 i

integration - Integration methods, based on original work by Beng

Integration methods, based on original work by Beng

FYP-CAWP - BEng (Hons) Software Engineering Final Year Project

BEng (Hons) Software Engineering Final Year Project

benge - Minimalist forum engine.

Minimalist forum engine.


messing around with computer vision techniques in matlab, python, or whatever else i desire


controls the brightness of a LED using speech recognition (HTML5 speech input).