dih-jdbc-datasource - dih-jdbc-datasource

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dih.url=jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/dih_datadih.user=solrdih.password=solr123dih.table=entry```In this sample, "dih" property key allows to associate setting with the DIH configuration file.This key matches with the core name and the regex define in the "configkeyregex" attribute of the dataSource and the entity elementsExample-------```core name = dih_shard1_replica1configkeyregex="^(.*)_shard"-> key = dihcore name = people_application1_shard1_replica1configkeyregex="^people_(.*)_shard"-> key = application1default value for configkeyregex is "^(.*)_shard"```Available properties--------------------Any properties can be used.In DIH configuration file, all replacer ${config.foo}, will be replace by property key.fooDatasource attributes---------------------```type="JdbcDataSource2" Make the DIH use the JdbcDataSource2 classconfigfile="/ https://github.com/bejean/dih-jdbc-datasource



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