BlogEngine.NET Image Picker

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The image picker for BlogEngine.NET An utitilty to pick previously uploaded images in BlogEngine.NET blog posts.



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Thecodefactory - GWT components

This project includes some components for GWT 1.5: a PickerPanel with an implementation of a ColorPicker with 3 layouts (square 4x4, vertical and horizontal). The PickerDemo project shows how to use the PickerPanel with the color picker configurations. Check this project if you just want to see how to use a color picker in your application. The ColorPickerTest project contains the source code for the PickerPanel and the ColorPicker extensions. The PickerPanel could be used as a PickerPanel for o

Django-form-widgets - Different widgets for django alltogether

This project will collect useful form UI widgets for django. Samples: autocompleters, date pickers, color pickers, admin file pickers, Also the project introduces form manipulation model called Controllers (quite similar to rails controllers), allowing simple widget substitution for your forms.

Rails-unobtrusive-date-picker - Unobtrusive Javascript Date-Picker Rails Plugin

THIS PROJECT IS NO LONGER MAINTAINED -10/15/09The latest release of the Unobtrusive Date-Picker Widget Javascript library makes this plugin unnecessary so I've decided to no longer maintain it. THIS PAGE IS NO LONGER MAINTAINEDPlease refer to the GitHub Page This is a helper for creating a date or date-time picker that uses the Unobtrusive Date-Picker Widget to add a clickable calendar image that will bring up a calendar picker if javascript is available. It replicates as much of the API of the

Colorpickerjs - A JavaScript color picker, based on prototype and

This script provides an easy to use and integrate HSV color picker. see the DEMO or just download (VERSION 1.0) The 1.0 release works with prototype 1.6 and 1.8 How to implement itinclude the javascript files in your HEAD link the colorpicker.css file in your HEAD or Stylesheet add an input field holding the hex color value (without the leading #) initialize the ColorPicker <script> new Control.ColorPicker("colorFieldName");</script>Optionsswatch ... specify and ID of an element


Image Picker is a simple jQuery plugin that transforms a select element into a more user friendly graphical interface.

Orchard CMS Image MultiPicker

This module provides image multi picker field for Orchard CMS 1.5.1. This module can help you to create image gallery, banner rotator or any other image list.

FlexiColorPicker - A pure JavaScript color picker - no images, external libraries, CSS or 1px divs.

A pure JavaScript color picker - no images, external libraries, CSS or 1px divs.

Video Picker

Video Picker displays a list of DVD's which you have stored on your computer system. The user can select a DVD which can be played, each movie has space to provide an image and a description. Designed to use with mac-mini and a TV. Uses Apple DVD player


PanoPoints is the power-user's control point picker -- a graphical front-end which simplifies the control point selection step required to build panoramic images using Helmut Dersch's Panorama Tools.