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A sophisticated uuml;ber-person-database written in PHP, Python and PostgreSQL, with integration into mutt and procmail. May also be used for reminding users of coming birthdays.



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jem-press - An easy-to-use static site generator.

Jem-press is inspired by [Octopress][octo] and [jem-doc][jem], hence the name.I like Octopress for all the customization and options, but it's lackingdeliberately feature-poor simplicity of jem-doc. However, jem-doc doesn't usemarkdown, and seems kinda hacked together (no make file included, etc). So, Idecided to make jem-press.Octopress is a blog-aware site generator. Jem-press is not, and could only beblog aware if you formatted the blog yourself. In that sense, it's static. Agood example of t