Better Extension for RPM

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quot;Better Extension for RPMquot; is a buildroot installation tool compatible with YUM written in C. It is fast and system resources friendly. The main audience are users, developers or administrators of Red Hat/Fedora Core Linux operating systems.



Related Projects


Program designed to be run as a software deployment from SCCM that will capture CDP packets on the clients, parse them and then inject that data into WMI where it can be retrieved by SCCM and reported to admins. If you find this useful feel free to donate, beer funds are always well received. ;)

BrewBlogger 2.3

BrewBlogger is a easy to set up, easy to use, web-based beer homebrewing log. It is a PHP/MySQL-based system that provides today's brewer not only an easy way to record their beer brewing activities, but also blog-like forum to share their efforts.

Tin Can Jukebox

Tin Can Jukebox is a very fast, full featured php/mysql web jukebox that can securely stream large mp3 collections over the internet to multiple users. Features include many browsing modes,dynamic downsampling,playists,language packs amp; user access controls. Programming 100% fueled by environmentally friendly beer.


Brewtarget is free brewing software for Linux, Mac, and Windows. Compatible with BeerSmith. Generates instructions for you from the recipe and interactive mash designer! Hit all your targets with brewtarget.

Brew Competition Online Entry amp; Mgmt.

Version is now available. This release again features mostly bug fixes and a few enhancements. - Enhanced the data integrity checking for sub-styles that require participants to enter special ingredients and/or a classic style (beer, mead, cider), as well as strength (mead) and carbonation/sweetness (mead, cider). If participants do not add the requisite information, their entry is marked quot;unconfirmed,quot; and subject to deletion after 24 hours. - Enhanced display of entry num

The Brewery

Web based multi-user application for storing, modifying and sharing Homebrew (Beer) recipes.

Roskilde-beer-stock - A stock system for beer tents

We're creating a beer stock program for use at Roskilde Festival.

Bjw - Beer Judge Web

Beer Judge Web is an application being developed for the danish organisation of beer judges - "Foreningen af øldommere i Danmark". The purpose is to collect beer evaluations from members in order to "calibrate" the the evaluations being made.

Beerscraper - Gets beer prices and sorts them in useful ways

Scrapes beer prices from supermarket websites and processes this data in useful ways to make selecting beer a breeze

Beerscreen - Display keg content using BeerXML files on your kegerator LCD screen

BeerScreen is a software used to parse BeerXml files and display the information on a screen attached to a Kegerator.