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beep4j is an open source implementation of the BEEP protocol (RFC 3080 and RFC 3081)



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Acebforth - A Desktop/J2ME/Android Version of Jupiter Ace Forth

The system is being developed for Java SE/ME and Android by component reuse and specific machine classes. Using Jarvar. The class library for multi-platform applications. The script language of Jarvar will be so close to ACE forth, with extra benefits for protection against random stack ! crashes and other forth problems for beginners. Well I needed a simple forth so I started this project. The application is a simple Jupiter Ace clone with a few added features, and some words removed as they ar

Jasmo - java administrator service monitoring

VisionThe goal of this project is to provide system administrators a easy to understand, easy to adopt and easy to maintain monitoring framework. As such, this project includes a set of interfaces and structures that model a hierarchical service structure where each service is tested if it works and only if all parent services are working. If a service changed state a set of custom actions can be taken. Do you know what is the best? It is completely free and licensed as GNU GPL! APIThe implement


mirror and fork of beep4j

beep4j - mirror and fork of beep4j

mirror and fork of beep4j

Pythonik - my Scripts

remove white space from docs import reinputFile = file('test.txt', 'r')data = = re.sub(r"[\\t\\\r\\f\\v]", '', data)outputFile = file('test.txt', 'w')outputFile.write(whiteSpace)outputFile.close()Thanks to nilamo on python-forum.orgOLD VIM CHEATSHEET VIM COMMANDS and moreNovember 25th, 2008VIM COMMANDS:Autocompletion:Control NExit Vim and Save modified file::xMerge filename into file:vim file:r filename(puts filename in file depending on where cursor i