Beck XML Mapper

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Beck maps between XML and Java objects. It constructs Java objects from an XML document, or generates an XML document from Java objects. The mapping is configurable (via XML) and customizable (in Java).



Related Projects


A programmer-oriented testing framework for Java.

Tud-gdi1-praktikum-gruppe-13 - TUD GDI 1 Praktikum 07/08 Gruppe 13

Gruppe: 13 - Tutor: Felix Hofmann Manuel Barkhau Ralf Zimmermann Patrick Hock Joachim Beck Status: Projekt abgeschlossen. Siegermannschaft 9 zu 4 im Finale

Tvstation - TV Station Manager

This TV Station Manager that i'm creating is to make life easier for those who wanna have it's ownTube with a fully customizable UI, and channels manager, video encoding directly on the beck end (php)...

Sic-xe-emulator - SIC-XE Computer Emulator written in Python

This is a project written in Python. It incorporates an emulator for the SIC-XE computer as described in "Systems Software: An Introduction to Systems Programming," by Leland Beck. At this point, there is full SIC functionality. XE functionality is being added incrementally. There is a graphical front panel, written using PyGame, similar to the Altair/IMSAI front panel from the 1970s. The goal is to develop a tool useful to teaching programming of embedded systems. Looking for Python programmers


An implementation of Kent Beck's famous XUnit testing framework designed specifically for unit testing components written for the .NET platform.

Becks - Becks'Linux Training Project

Hi,welcome to Becks'Linux Training Project.

Zhengxinxing - projects for personal study

个人所得税计算器 projects for personal study: Tetris, a game developed with pygame (developing) DumpHex, a command-line tool for file header analysis The Money Example, from <Test-Driven Development By Example> with Kent Beck 这是个个人兴趣的代�集中区,也许�足为外人�也,但对于我�说,�是个��呀


JMXUnit is a simple extension of Junit - the popular java unit testing framework from Erich Gamma and Kent Beck. The goal of the JMXUnit package is to support JMX vendor independent testing of JMX MBeans.


This CGI application is written in perl and provides a simple database for creating, printing, and storing story and task cards as used in the XP Planning Game. For further information see quot;Extreme Programming Explainedquot; by Kent Beck.