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Beaver is a LALR compiler compiler for Java that uses several techniques to generate very fast parsers.



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Beaver is an Early AdVanced EditoR. Beaver is a GTK+2 editor designed to be Light-weight, Modular, Stylish

Busy-beaver - Implementation of a Turing Machine that runs the Busy Beaver problem.

This is an implementation of The Busy Beaver Problem in Python and C++. Since the busy beaver is implemented as a Turing machine, my Python and C++ programs simulate a Turing machine. I also wrote a Perl visualization program that displays how the tape changed during beaver's execution. See the readme.txt file in the source distribution for a lot more details. The code was written by Peteris Krumins ( His blog is at — good coders code, great reuse. T

Wice-server-and-execution-sub-system - Server & Execution Sub-system for the WICE Project

WICE - Web-based Interactive Computing Environment WICE Server & Execution Sub-systemCoders: David Beaver & Omkar Dangkat Table Of Content

Crunchtools - Small easy to use tools for systems administrators

This project is a loose collection of tools and code useful to systems administrators looking for simple solutions to use and contribute to. Modules/Sub-Projects Beaver Backup: Simple concurrent rsync/bash backup script. Uses very simple server list one per line and simple config file to perform rsync backups to a server.

Dambuilder - Dam Builder: a game where you build a dam

It is the future and the world is in trouble. The sea level is rising. Trash is everywhere. Genetically engineered animals have gone on a rampage. Finally, Dutch genetic engineers have created a special animal to limit the damage. This animal is intended to be a hero: you. You are a beaver. Your mission: to build a dam and protect the land from the rising sea as long as possible, so that the areas can be safely evacuated! Clean up the sea while you're at it. Gather trash in the sea. Go to the na

Streme - A "stream" of Scheme.

Streme is a "stream" of Scheme-inspired tools and languages built upon the same infrastructure. At its core are several evaluators. Trampolined ANF Evaluator Concurrent Scheme interpreter that performs ANF conversion and was the original platform for experimenting with automatic parallelization. proto-Beaver Scheme language with 2-3 fingertrees. ND-Scheme Non-deterministic Scheme that allows querying dependency relations that occur in Scheme programs. These evaluators make use of analyses that p


QMcBeaver is an object-oriented program to perform Quantum Monte Carlo calculations on atoms and molecules. It is designed to be easy to modify, allowing new ideas to be quickly implemented.

Beaverdbg - C++, C and QScript debugger

Currently project is frozen and waits for a new enthusiastic maintainer Beaver Debugger is free cross-platform debugger (GDB frontend). FeaturesSupported C, C++ and QScript languages Supported Unix/Linux, MS Windows, Mac OS and some other platforms. Supports common debugging tasks, such as: Step through the program line�by�line or instruction�by�instruction Interrupt program execution Set breakpoints Examine call stack contents, watchers, and local and global variables Has good looking v

beaver - python daemon that munches on logs and sends their contents to logstash

python daemon that munches on logs and sends their contents to logstash