Beauty-timeline - Beauty Timeline is a Python package that uses cairo for drawing and PyGTK for wind

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This package comes with some modules: TLGraph TLConnector TLGraphToolbar TLGraphPreferences TLCategoryFilter (within ColoredToggleButton) You may use any of them separated, but they won't be really useful by themselves, except for TLGraph. TLGraph is the main piece of package, it displays the graph that shows event/changes/anything over time. TLConnector is used when you want to connect other modules within TLGraph, so you can detect selection, timerange, filter changes and other things, and do something with these changes. TLGraphToolbar, TLGraphPreferences and TLCategoryFilter are all connected through a TLConnector. So they change TLGraph settings, graph, labels, and everything that may be changed on it. This package is being used at UMIT Network Inventory, you may grab it through svn: svn co For UMIT NI I needed some other things to make this Timeline useful, so I've extended its set of widgets a bit, right now it contains these extra modules: Calendar: This was developed in prior Timeline versions, when Timeline looked like a Timeline ;p It handles everything related to dates for UMIT Network Inventory. DataGrabber: Grabs data from a database and adapt it for being used within Timeline. Timeline: Packs together every Timeline module. TLBase: This works like an extended TLConnector, handles some signals that is emmited from several of these modules, and then emit another signal with data already handled. TLBarDisplay: Displays changes in a Bar display by category with a nice effect =) TLChangesTree: Displays changes in a TreeView when something is selected. This description may be outdated, and probably already is.



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