BeanShell - Simple Java Scripting

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BeanShell is a small, free, embeddable, Java source interpreter with object scripting language features, written in Java. BeanShell executes standard Java statements and expressions, in addition to obvious scripting commands and syntax.



Related Projects


jeHEP is a full-featured programmer's text editor. This is the only JAVA editor with on-fly spell checking. It supports many programming languages and includes console for BeanShell and Jython. It has a build-in BiBTeX manager and LaTeX tools.

Protocolminer - A protocol miner environment written in Java and support BeanShell

This project is aim to build a net traffic protocol analysis enviornment which also reserves the ability of powerful Java programming by using BeanShell, scripted Java, so that the analysis and development environment can be easiliy extended by users. Website :

Om-the-bot - Om - An IRC bot

Om is an IRC bot that can have plugins written in both java and python.

Dbcguice - Design by Contract for Java using Google Guice

Framework to use the Design by Contract approach to design software using Java with Guice. It uses a series of Java annotations to define the contract, expressed in the desired scripting language (i.e. Ruby, BeanShell, OGNL, Groovy).


Java ircbot that uses beanshell scripts as plugins.

Lotrepls - Many languages, one REPL (in the browser)

LotREPLs is a multi-lingual read-eval-print-loop in your browser powered by Google App Engine and the Java runtime. It's a technical demo, not something to do serious work with. The following languages are supported: BeanShell Clojure JavaScript Python Ruby Scala Scheme

Takiro - a very light Java web development framework

_____ _ _ |_ _|_ _| | _(_)_ __ ___ | |/ _` | |/ / | '__/ _ \\ | | (_| | <| | | | (_) | |_|\\__,_|_|\\_\\_|_| \\___/ - a different Java web framework.Inspired from JPublish, Takiro's design is focusing on eliminating the gap between the web page Designers and the Java Developers. Takiro is offering a rich Scripting and Templating support, featuring: Velocity, FreeMarker and StringTemplate for the front-end logic and JavaScript(Rhino), BeanShell, Groovy or JRuby for server side scripting actions.

Jme007 - Open-source fans

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Scans-to-booklets--g-scripts - g-script-s of Nautilus-s for more convenient processing of the scanne

Scans To Booklets - Graphic Scripts of Nautilusfor more convenient processing of the scanned books. For details about Graphic Scripts of Nautilus look at Requires: sudo apt-get install sed scantailor libtiff4 libdjvulibre21 pdf2djvu bsh libitext-java Files: 1-0-rnWithoutS_p_a_c_e — rename files with replase spases on "_". 1-1-ScanTailor — run ScanTailor. 2-1-tifs2pdf2djvuByDigital — convert tiff-s to pdf-s to djvu-s by djvudigital and create djvu-bo