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Related Projects


A tool to search source code based on a full text index

Cross-Compilation Stuff for Embedded

Full operational package to build a complete Linux embedded system (host development tools and target image) for several reference boards: - BEAGLE


This program will open and display images saved in HGR format. Also supports DHGR in two popular formats: BeagleGraphics and DazzleDraw. It will save as PICT and allow batch conversions.


openDICOM.NET - DICOM library, console tools, DICOM viewer/browser for Mono/.NET and Beagle Desktop Search Plugin. The project supports ACR-NEMA and DICOM file formats and provides transcoding to XML. It is written in C# and licensed under (L)GPL.

Beagle-client-z - Web client for the Beagle search engine

University project, based on the beagle-client-pylons project

Roombadrive - *nix software for the Roomba

Software for the Roomba, as well as supporting OMAP3 setup for driving the roomba on a beagle board.

bonescript - Scripting tools for the BeagleBoard and BeagleBone

Scripting tools for the BeagleBoard and BeagleBone

Beagle-phone-locator - Rings your phone from your beagleboard when you can't find your phone

Can't find your phone? Don't have a friend to ask to call you when you lose your phone? Don't have a landline to call yourself? Use Beagle Phone Locator to ring your own phone! Beagle Phone Locator Project Helps You Locate Your Misplaced Phone Goals of BeaglePhone projectRings user's cellphone to help the user to locate the phone if the user has misplaced it. Who might be interested in this projectAnyone who has misplaced their phone, whether it has fallen between the cracks of the couch or lost