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Application for mobile devices which utilizes GPS to provide bike-computer functionality, logging to different formats, interaction with on-line location logging services and map viewing.



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boomerang - End user oriented web performance testing and beaconing

End user oriented web performance testing and beaconing

Beaconizer - A tool to test web beacons

A tool for testing beacons from web pages. Works with app engine. The tool will be live at

Invisibleweb - Greasemonkey script that notifies you about web beacons.

Invisible Web is a Greasemonkey script that notifies you about the web beacons (web bugs) that the page you're on is using the track your behavior.

web-beacon: beaming hits (via javascript) from your web site

web-beacon uses a web-beacon (or web bug) to gather information about visitors to your web site. That information is assembled in a file and then formatted into a chart and set of reports. It allows for greater accuracy via the exclusion of robots and through busting the cache. Written in perl/html/javascript

Talkingpoints-2 - A project intended to assist the blind in city navigation through the use of &quot

Talking Points 2 is an open-source project whose purpose is to assist visually-handicapped individuals in navigating a city through the use of Bluetooth beacons placed inside points of interest. When in the vicinity of a beacon, the software will query a remote database, using the beacon's unique MAC address as key. The returned information will be displayed, as well as read to the user through the use of text-to-speech. Prototypes are being coded coded in Java and Python for S60.

Nanosat-rf-module - RH Module for a nano sattelite using CotS tranceivers

Interface which allows to use CotS transceivers with a controller to transmit and receive data such as telemetry, beacon, ham repeater.

Userbeacon - User Beacon Central User and permission management application

this application helps provide a single point for adding, maintaining, and monitoring users, and their permissions for internal applications.

Bonjour-beacon - BonjourBeacon is a tool to make network entities outside the own subnet accessible

IntroductionWhen starting to use Airfoil (a tool to stream music to different computers in the network, see, the limitations of the Bonjour protocol (formerly known as Rendezvous) become very annoying. The Bonjour protocol is designed to only recognize network entities within the own subnet. Hence, when your computer is behind a router within a bigger network, it is not easily possible to access other computers outside your own subnet. For this problem Bonjour Be

Deacon - (an)Droid + Beacon - A Push Notification Library for Android

(an)Droid + Beacon - A Push Notification Library for Android


(an)Droid + Beacon - A Push Notification Library for Android