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Browser based office portal solution built in php. Including CRM, product managment, point-of-sale (POS), invoicing, online ordering, page building, web based mail, organiser and more!




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Phpb2b - php b2b trading marketplace scripts

BREAKING NEWSOut new site http://www.phpb2b.com/The official PHPB2B home page has moved to http://www.phpb2b.com/. On this new site you will find links to the official new source code repository, the community(only Chinese now), and the Lighthouse bug tracker. The core team thanks you for your patience as we sorted out some recent project ownership confusion.

Comb - Downstream Mapping Analysis for Next Generation Sequence Data

ComBComB is a software package designed for the downstream analysis of short read mapping data produced by the ABI SOLiD and Illumina sequencing platforms. ComB operates on the mapping output produced by the mapping program PerM and is capable of providing SNP calls, resequencing output, and expression analysis. UsageComB can operate on the mapping produced by the short read alignment program PerM. ComB can also run iteratively, calling PerM multiple times to produce extremely accurate output. W


"Ruby in Lake", lightweight Content Management System, an opensource product from Scrum2B team (scrum2b.com)