bCal Javascript Calendar Generator

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Using this simple javascript library, you can create simple navigable calendars in your website with just one line of user code.




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BCAL LiDAR ToolsBCAL LiDAR Tools are open-source tools developed by Idaho State University, Boise Center Aerospace Laboratory (BCAL). These tools can be used for processing, analyzing and visualizing LiDAR data. They are written in IDL programming language. The tools can currently process LiDAR data up to LAS 1.2 format. Installation Instructions Follow the installation instructions here. Version 2.x.x can be run with free IDL Virtual Machine, and does not need ENVI software. Using the Tools Ple

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bCal - Fork of the aCal repository

Fork of the aCal repository

bcal - Quick example of a weekly calendar Rails app

Quick example of a weekly calendar Rails app

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