The BBS Project

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The goal of this project is to provide an open-source solution for BBS sysops, in hopes of revitalizing the BBS community system.



Related Projects


QTerm is a BBS client in Linux.

Talkboard Forum

The Talkboard Forum tries to mix the good ideas from other BBs with its own. It supports everything you can expect from a modern bulletin board and provides a fast and easy interface.

TinTin++ Mud Client

TinTin++ is a console mud client for any type of text mud or bbs. The mud client's main assets are an easy to learn scripting language, triggers that can contain regular expressions, and a split screen interface to separate mud output from client in

Qodem Terminal Emulator

Qodem is a a terminal emulator that resembles the BBS-era Qmodem. Includes phonebook, scrollback, capture, X/Y/Zmodem, Kermit, ANSI (+ music) / Avatar / VT102 / Linux emulation, Unicode, and keyboard macros. Connects over serial, ssh, telnet, rlogin.


PCMan is an easy-to-use telnet client mainly targets BBS users formerly running under MS Windows. PCMan X is a newly developed, open-source and cross-platform version written with wxWidgets, supporting X Window, MS Windows, and Mac OS X.

GAC Suite of BBS Doors

Gac_Software. - All the GAC doors for bbs use.


A pure perl BBS package with a full web interface to ALL aspects of the BBS, including planned web support for most/all door games.

AX.25 mail utilities

A set of utilities for packet radio mail exchange with the BBS.

The Clans BBS Door Game

The Clans was a popular game written for online BBSes back in the day of their great popularity. It is a text-based game featuring inter-BBS communications. It was written initially for Turbo C++, but has been ported to gcc and MSVC


PCMan CE is a BBS client designed specifically for Taiwanese users. This project is based on Open PCMan 2007 project. PCMan CE是專門為台灣使用者設計的BBS連線軟體。 這個專案源於 Open PCMan 2007專案。