Block Based Encryption aka 2Bx4Bx2B

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An original bruteforce-based encryption/decryption system. BBE was originally conceived to chat with encrypted text on IRC. mIRC and X-Chat support BBE via script addon. BBE can also encrypt MIME encoded files. Blowfish encryption is currently supported.



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bbe is a sed-like editor for binary files. Instead of reading input in lines as sed, bbe reads arbitrary blocks from an input stream and performs byte-related transformations on found blocks.


BlackBallEd is a graphical level-editor for the puzzle-game and oxyd-clone enigma ( The 0.90-rc2 comes with some basic PerOxyd support also. For developers: BBE is written in Delphi, and now, in Kylix. It's fully compatible to

Bbebinder - A program to create Broadband eBook (BBeB) files

BBeB Binder is a program for converting HTML and text files into Sony Broadband eBooks (BBeB files). These .LRF files can then be read on the Sony Reader (PRS-500). BBeB Binder provides a simple user interface where HTML/text files can be opened, viewed, and modified. These pages can then be saved as unencrypted BBeB files. This program is written in Microsoft .Net 2.0 and is 100% managed code.

Blakehash-php - BLAKE Hash extension for PHP

BLAKE Hash extension for PHPThe BLAKE Hash is one of the five finalist algorithms that participates in the NIST SHA-3 competition. This hash functions is based on the HAIFA structure and the ChaCha core function. The algorithm was designed by Jean-Philippe Aumasson, Luca Henzen, Willi Meier and Raphael C.-W. Phan. There are four instances of the function, the first two, BLAKE224 and BLAKE256 work with 32-bit words and they have an output of 28 and 32 bytes respectively. The other two, BLAKE384 a

WebPhotos for Geos

WebPhotos will turn a quot;bunch of picturesquot; (GIF, JPEG, PNG) into a HMTL-frameset that can be used as a virtual photo-album. It's a program for PC-Geos written in Geos Objective C (GOC). Supported platforms: GWE2.x, NDO, BBE, GlobalPC, GeoBook,...

Buxter-api - Open source Buxter API client implementation in Java and PHP for Facebook application d

IntroductionWelcome to the Buxter API client project. The Buxter API client project provides open source Java and PHP clients for the Buxter transaction webservice in order to allow Facebook developers easy integration of Buxter into their own applications. What is Buxter?Buxter is a Facebook application which allows you to make social payments within the Facebook platform, e.g. to send/request money to/from your friends, to make donations or to pay for Facebook applications and virtual goods. B

Htmlbbeb - Yet another application for converting html to BBeB books

IntroductionThis code is the result of my efforts to buid a html->bbeb converter that respects most formatting. The program handles images, links and much of the formatting done with css. At this point, it is still pretty much an alpha, but I was able to convert many html ebooks to a reasonable-looking lrf document. In fact, the program just creates a .lrs file which may be later translated into a .lrf file using a suitable application such as MSH_LRSParser. I have not included MSH_LRSParser in

Smallfish - 我的分享

Python文档Python 2.6 文档 在线阅读 PDF(A4) HTML Python 3.1 文档 在线阅读 PDF(A4) HTML Python 2.7 alpha 1 released on December 5th, 2009Gzipped source tar ball (2.7a1) Bzipped source tar ball (2.7a1) Windows x86 MSI Installer (2.7a1) Windows AMD64 MSI Installer (2.7a1) MD5 checksums and sizes of the released files: 1dead8228f03928b69c123ef32ab36c0 13318706 Python-2.7a1.tgza40bf8640668ea1125c72a69cb2963e5 11109123 Python-2.7a1.tar.bz2bbe79c2603553d601331ebfcfe3e067a 15777792 python-2