Battlespace - SciFi MMO Framework

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Battlespace SciFi MMO Framework. This project is not an actual game. IT is meant to be an out of the box SciFi MMO Base, that you can add your own media too, and game logic. The framework is composed of several projects: [[Core.Server]] [[Core.Server.Net]] [[Core.Server.Data]...



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Jharpoon - A battle simulation game inspired by Harpoon III

This project is intended for making a battle game simulation by using Java and JMonkeyEngine. I have decided to make the game for improving my skills in game design and programming using Java and JME while promoting the capabilities of JMonkeyEngine for a "serious game" with a better realism including: Utilizing database for game data User interface improvement Applying 3D visualization and physics Using GIS standards for visualizing battle-space Multi-player capabilities (HLA will be next plan)

Mechserver - The server for a full-featured BattleTech/AeroTech/BattleSpace implementation

The effort behind this project exists with the goal of replacing the now archaic/limited Java MegaMek client and server. The first step in this process is the creation of a robust server capable of hosting large games that feature the added play aspects of BattleSpace. This server will serve and process only simple data that can then be transmitted to a client. The second step is the creation of said client in multiple versions both 3d and isometric.

BattleSpace - Repo pública para el juego BattleSpace.

Repo pública para el juego BattleSpace.

artemachia - Battle simulator and calcuiator for BattleSpace.

Battle simulator and calcuiator for BattleSpace.

BattleSpace - A spiritual successor to Battle Soup

A spiritual successor to Battle Soup

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