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Battle Net Info provides information of the StarCraft2 player from his profile page



Related Projects

.NET StarCraft II Replay Parser

A .NET 3.5 Library used to parse StarCraft II replays. Developed in C# 3.5.

Sc2gears - This is the holder of the source code of Sc2gears if / when it is released.

Sc2gearsSc2gears is a utility program for StarCraft II. You can find its home page here: Sc2gears home page Sc2gears parses and analyzes SC2Replay files. This project is here to host the source code of Sc2gears if / when it is released.

Starcraft Calendar

A calendar application for Starcraft community , based on Team Liquid Calendar Xml & Service.

s2protocol - Python library to decode StarCraft II replay protocols

Python library to decode StarCraft II replay protocols

Sc2parserape - A Starcraft II replay parser based on phpsc2replay, made in C#

The original parser was ported to .Net using Phalanger. This project is part of Starcraft II Replay Monkey, a replay analyzer tool, available here: Phalanger is no longer required for this application to run, however you DO need the Framework .Net 4.0 available here: and VC++ 2010 SP runtime available here:

Felbot - An open source chat client for the gaming network

Felbot is a client written to join chat rooms via the gaming network, by emulating the protocols used by various games by Blizzard Entertainment. Currently it supports emulation of the StarCraft, Diablo II, WarCraft II, and WarCraft III protocols as well as their expansions, the legacy clients, and the CHAT protocol (for private Bnet servers still in existence). Felbot is designed with educational value in mind. When it is completed, it should support most standard features of chat cl

Sc2-cup-app - Starcraft2 Cup Application

News You can find a fork of this project at AboutThis application is for Blizzard's newest RTS StarcraftII, a replay sharing and tournament managing system. Integrates the PhpSc2Replay project ( Uses Symfony 1.4 Implemented features: Register / Login / Edit profile / Upload avatar Upload replay Detailed replay show page Comment on replays Browse and filter replays Administration interface to manage users, replays, comments Thi

Bwhf - Starcraft Broodwar Hacker Finder, anti-hack, replay analyzer-organizer and utility tool

! BREAKING NEWS ! =========================  T H E   E N D   H A S   C O M E !  =========================July 5, 2011 - The BWHF central database has been shut down... forever...✞ R.I.P. BWHF database! Lived 2 years, 5 months and 23 days! (December 28, 2008 - June 20, 2011).The Agent will continue to operate.May God bless You All.Check out Sc2gears and start playing StarCraft II today!


ThunderGraft is an MPQDraft plugin that allows Diablo, Diablo II, Starcraft, and Warcraft II Edition to use newer, superior audio compression formats including MP3, Ogg Vorbis, and FLAC, in addition to the existing ADPCM WAV compression.


A python library that extracts data from various Starcraft II resources to power tools and services for the SC2 community. Who doesn't want to hack on the games they play?