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BattleCode is a 2D game designed to let quot;codequot; (and therfore coders) fight against each other in an arena.



Related Projects

Battlecode2009 - Battlecode 2009

One team's project for MIT's Battlecode 2009

Raidersbattlecode2010 - Battlecode team 344 -- Raiders!

Masochistic CV Robotics team programmers learning Java and AI via Battlecode

Team314 - AI for MIT Battlecode Competition 6.370

A project for Battlecode Competition developed by high school students at Newport High School.

Battlecode093 - An MIT BattleCode 2008 Submission Entry

The 6.370 BattleCode programming competition is a unique challenge that combines battle strategy, software engineering and artificial intelligence. In short, the objective is to write the best player program for the computer game BattleCode.

Dai-battlecode-base - A base implementation of a 2011 battlecode bot

A base shared implementation of a 2011 battlecode bot (primarily shared between Vanderbilt CS366 students.)

Php-battle-code - PHP battle engine/code for browser games.

Battle engine made with/in PHP. Originally made for a game called Empirequest, but should be easy to make fit other games too.

Furmanbattlecode2009 - Furman team submission to MIT BattleCode 2009

This is RM STAR dot STAR team's submission for BattleCode 2009.