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The clone/remake of the classic online Codehammer game. Battlecity is an open source, SDL, multiplayer, multiplatform, action/strategy game where you control a tank and build your city, so you can destroy others.



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Battlecity3d - Remake of the old and famious 'Battle City' game.

ErelisA 3D remake of the old NES game - Battle City. Note: this is a school project.

Battle-city-tanks - BattleCity remake

What and whyI always loved retro games, so I figured out why not to make one of my favorite games - BattleCity while learning Python language. I tried to make it as close as possible to original. See the Differences for more information where i succeeded and where I failed. Screenshotsintro/menu screen one player battle castle has just been destroyed (by player himself) two player mode stage scores game over

Battle-city-js - node.js battlecity remake

Project moved to github node.js battlecity remake. Демка (nodejs-0.6.4, 0.8.7) Баги, предложени� про�ьба отправл�ть на (в чате демки они могут легко потер�ть��)

Battlecity-remake - BattleCity Remake in Arabic

A remake of the classic NES game BattleCity in Arabic using Python and PyGame. Along with a game engine that can be used for any type of 2D game. Screen-shots

Softwaredev3battlecity - ELEN4010 - Software Development III Course Project

Battle Tanks!a Battlecity clone Authors: Duane Churms Neal Derman Umar Dockrat Johann Jungbauer Bjorn Olsen Project reports can be found in /trunk/Documentation. Source code can be found in /Branches/NowWithSinglePlayer.

Srtgraduationproject - Games for J2ME

There are three small j2me games for our graduation project. Five-in-a-raw,Battle City,Planes.