Batch Renamer

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Batch Renamer is a powerful cross platform graphical tool that allows you to rename several files at once. Regular expression and number sequences are supported.



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Tibco-giants - TIBCO GI AdditioNal ToolkitS

Collections of TIBCO GI Builder enhancement plugins.PlugInMonitor Show AMP Plugins information in treeview at runtime. BatchRenamer Rename multi-components in batch, also support generation Hungarian prefix and replacement based on Regular expression. Sokoban a GI clone of classical game: Sokoban (Warehouse keeper) is a transport puzzle in which the player pushes boxes around a maze, viewed from above, and tries to put them in designated locations. Filterable OpenFile Dialog provide a filter fea

Rren - Command-line batch renaming client for Windows

Command-line batch renaming client for Windows. Written in C++ using TR1 Regexes. rren v1.1Usage: rren mode filemask <args> -e ECMA Regex rren -e filemask "find" "replace" -r Find/Replace rren -r filemask "find" "replace" -p Proper case rren -p filemask

Batchrename - on Qt, batch rename files

config the rules, rename files depend on rules.

Basere - Batch Serie Renamer

Small program that can batch renames series and files based on a kind of interpreted formula ( combination of strings and variables ).

Translitme - TranslitMe

Пакетное переименование файлов в тран�лит.

Namefix - A Free Batch File renamer, with id3 support. Runs on Windows/Linux/Mac

One of the oldest batch renamers out there, started back in 98 as a simple tool to convert spaces to underscores in filenames it has evolved to be the one of most feature full batch renamers. Thanks to use of perl and tk it is fully portable, running on any platform that supports perl/tk (its alot).Offering basic functions such as:Set space and _ to user specified space delimiterCasingtruncateenumerateremove wordsreplace wordsfront append wordsend append wordsand more advanced features such as:C

sedname - Batch-renames files using a sed script

Batch-renames files using a sed script


Batch-renames files using a sed script

picrename - Small GUI tool for batch-renaming picture files.

Small GUI tool for batch-renaming picture files.