Bastion - Cornville\'s troops

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Bastion is going to be a real time strategy game with realistic simulation of information exchange. What player know is exactly what the chief knows. The goal: conquer the castle. Game will have been finished in June 2004.



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Bastionframework - Bastion is a Domain-Driven Design Java Framework

BastionBastion is a Java framework for implementing Domain-Driven Designed (DDD) applications. GoalBastion's goal is to provide an environment in which both domain classes and technical services are completely decoupled and independant. Any technical service a domain class needs, will be triggered indirectly by throwing an event from the domain class. The framework will dispatch the event to a listening adapter. The adapter is configured with a corresponding technical service, which it will call

Bastion-ssh - Curses ssh client for controlling access to unix systems

What is BastionSSH?The goal of bastionSSH is that you can control user access to a large number of computers via ssh. It is specially designed for scenarios where support need to access the computer, but without giving the password of it and to keep a log of everything that takes place in the session. It also allows to create a large number of users, but to log into the target computer, all use the same user, but without losing track of what each does and where to log on. How does it work?The im


bastion-firewall is a Netfilter based firewall for Linux. It can generate graphical stats of all the rules traffic in the firewall with Rrdtool and it's integrated with the Snort Inline IPS. It's written in the bash and C programming languages.

enforce module

EM stands for enforcement module. It is a security module which create bastion host machine. the process involved reading an XML policy file and translate it into Linux/Unix system call set. the translation process is created by CSG(command set generator

Bastion-game - Bastion (FPS/RTS) Game Development Project

This project page serves as an organizational tool for the development of the upcoming game Bastion. Bastion brings many new and exciting features to the world of hack-and-slash first person games! Stay tuned for more!

Bastionlandscape - Naval rts project

BastionBastion is a naval rts. There are 3 goals for me : make a game, fun if possible :) start and finish a project (as you may know, starting a project is easy, finishing it is not so easy). learn more in computer science for games (graphics (Direct3D 9), path finding, multithreads, etc.).

KeyBox - Web-based SSH console that centrally manages administrative access to systems

KeyBox is an open-source web-based SSH console that centrally manages administrative access to systems. Web-based administration is combined with management and distribution of user's public SSH keys. Key management and administration is based on profiles assigned to defined users. KeyBox layers TLS/SSL on top of SSH and acts as a bastion host for administration. Protocols are stacked (TLS/SSL + SSH) so infrastructure cannot be exposed through tunneling / port forwarding.



bastion - Chef recipe to provision a bastion host.

Chef recipe to provision a bastion host.