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Boapi - Business Object Application Programming Interface

Implementation of default often using business objectsFree business objects implementation. Today we find many technical application programming interfaces for our programms we develop. But where are the business objects? Many things we coding in different applications new, because nothing is to get. BO-API implements business objects for free in different programming languages with identical public interface. Programming languagesPHP 5.3 namespace supported C# .net port Java plain objects Cobol

Uapi - many programmer - some languages - but one unified API

unified APIunified API (uAPI) provide an object oriented API for some programming language with the target to support implements same algorithm with same steps in different languages. It allows the programmers to use the favorit and best language without learn new specific lang API. DeveloperNow a programmer need to learn the syntax and the API from programming language. With the uAPI you only need to learn the syntax. See developers guide ( english deutsch). One example 'list all files in an di

Grapefruit - Color manipulation in python

GrapeFruit is a pure Python module that let you easily manipulate and convert color information. Its Primary goal is to be natural and flexible. The following color systems are supported by GrapeFruit: RGB (sRGB) HSL HSV YIQ YUV CIE-XYZ CIE-LAB (with the illuminant you want) CMY CMYK HTML/CSS color definition (#RRGGBB, #RGB or the X11 color name) RYB (artistic color wheel) InstallingFrom the sources: Download the latest grapefruit library from: Untar the sour

Doxy-filter - Filters used to preprocess source code into a format understandable by doxygen

SummaryIf you have ever used Doxygen to generate docs for C++ or Java, this project provides tools to provide support for different languages. The project currently supports visual basic / VBA and is implemented as a single python script. It's based on a script originally developed by Basti Grembowietz. His original script can be found here. Support for other languages may be developed if people seem interested.

Fp-basti-bolli - fp Auswertung an der uni freiburg

Protokolle des Physikpraktikums Sommersemester 2010

Codetobewild - SWE2010 (Software Engineering Project for UniPD)

Progetto MindSlideAutori: Elia Cavallaro, Matteo Ghion, Jacopo Marzola, Lorenzo Menza, Marco Premier, Giulio Rigoni, Daniele Zorzi Committente: Prof. Tullio Vardanega, Corso di Ingegneria del Software, Università degli Studi di Padova, A.A. 2010/2011 Proponente: Zucchetti S.p.A. Indirizzo Web: Al giorno d’oggi, in un mondo sempre più dinamico dove chiarezza, rapidità e flessibilità sono diventate parole chiavi comuni a molti ambiti, professionali e non, i


Audio Amplifier (3.5k


my jQuery application basis