The Bastard

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A disassembler for the linux platform. Currently this supports x86 ELF files assumed to be written in C and output to intel- syntax assembly language; however the design is modular and replacements for any of these can be written.



Related Projects

lida - linux interactive disassembler

lida is a fast feature packed interactive ELF disassembler / code-/cryptoanalyzer based on bastards libdisasm (see bastard project).

MBTA Fare Visualization Challenge

MBTA Fare Visualization makes it easy to visualize the fares for the MBTA Fare Visualization Challenge. It's developed using the .Net framework 3.5, C#, WPF and bastardized BDD (Behavior Driven Development). This project also uses LINQ to SQL and Moq for mocking during testing.


MyOwnSpace is a Bastard version of Social Software similar to Myspace . MyOwnSpace is an underground community that lets you meet YourOwnFriends 's friends. It is 100% homemade piece of software built on php/GPL.

Remoteunlockerlib - RemoteUnlocker | Android Library for Serial-codes Unlocking System

Welcome to RemoteUnlocker project space!Ok, you've created the Android killer app for excellence... I am so happy for you! :) You want to publish two versions in the Android Market: a free one, with some functions disabled or reduced, and a paid one with all features unlocked. Someone might say: "But I used the new Google In-App Billing system!" - Great! Surely you are wonderful programmers... By the way, I have not yet figured out how that in-app-stuff works! :P But we continue because we still

Robotbastards - AI robot bastard war

Robotic deathmatch thing with scripted AI and so forth. Still porting code for the moment - what's here currently will not build.

Sneakybastard - Mac surveillance software

Sneaky Bastard is a small utility that sits quietly on your Mac's menu bar. It will discreetly take pictures from the isight camera whenever the machine is booted or awoken from sleep.

Mathrelationalexlio - ...

Go Away Fucking Bastard!!! You killed KENNY!

Rpmap - Skoal's Rp map.

None of you biz you google bastard!

You-bastard - You Bastard!!! Global Game Jam 2009 - Recife, Brazil

Game about two brothers setting traps to each other.

Ufb - Ultimate Flying Bastards

Game made as part of Computer Graphics course at FRI (Fakulteta za RaÄ´┐ŻunalniÅ¡tvo in Informatiko).