Basil Multi Server

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Java based multi server for IP protocols



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Basil - Programming language development framework and tools.

Basil is a programming language development framework and tool set implemented in Python with the goal of enabling/enhancing multi-language programming in addition to language development. This is the same project as the SourceForge project, and will be using Google Code for an alternate subversion repository and wiki.

Animatedtextdemo - AnimatedTextDemo (WPF Screen Saver)

AnimatedTextDemo (WPF Screen Saver) This project was created by Basil Goldman - using source code from Josh Smith on WPF blog: For more information or contacts please visit: at Microsoft or at Blogger Thanks for Josh Smith (WPF tutorial) Enjoy!!!

Basil-framework - python QT testsuite framework

GUI testsuite framework base on python+QT, cross platform, unify unit test case interface, easy to extend, detail design document, unlimited plugins add.

Projetcompil3info - Projet compilateur 3info INSA Rennes

Projet compilateur 3info INSA Rennes par : Fabrice François Nicolas Basile

Konversation-asp - website for encrypted multi chatting and file sending website for encrypted multi chatting and file sending Screenshots :

Synaxarium - Synaxarium software for mobile phones written in Java for MIDP 1.0/2.0 JavaME.

SynaxariumSynaxarium, Synaxarion, Synexarium, Synexarion, pl. Synaxaria includes biographical notices, e.g. the menology of Basil and the synaxarium of Sirmond. The notices given in the historical synaxaria are summaries of those in the great menologies, or collections of lives of saints, for the twelve months of the year. This project is a daily Synaxarium software for mobile phones. The initial release of this software is in Arabic language, and other translations will be issued later. If you

Mini-compiler - The Sparrow Programming Language Compiler with LLVM Backend

CS04-608 Mini Project Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Govt. Engineering College, Thrissur -9. Project Title : The Sparrow Programming Language Compiler with LLVM Backend Project Development team : Alwin James, Jain Basil Aliyas, Sandhya B. K. , Vinaya Menon.

Pagrid - graph partitioner for computational grids

PaGrid is a suite of multilevel mesh partitioners that use an estimated execution time metric taking into account both the characteristics of the application and the computing platform. The two latest in the series are PaGridL, which adds latency to the network model, and PaGridF, which doesn't partition over the entire set of processors, but instead partitions over a subset of a given computational grid which will most benefit the mesh-based application. Many people have contributed to the deve

Daj - DAJ - Interactive Execution of Distributed Algorithms

OverviewDAJ is an interactive, visual aid for studying distributed algorithms. Interactive, because you must explicitly specify every step of the interleaved execution sequence. Visual, because the state of the nodes is continuously displayed. Study aid, because they solve one of the most difficult problems encountered by students of these algorithms by automatically doing the necessary book-keeping. The program can create a log file of commands so that you can automatically replay scenarios unt