Basilisk II

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Basilisk II is a free, portable, Open Source 68k Mac emulator.



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Basilisk is an embeddable data engine and virtual machine. Applications may use it to allow data and logic to be stored externally in a format that users may read and modify.

Basilisk Game Library

Basilisk is a multimedia and graphical library for Java. Its main goal is to provide a flexible and extensible graphic middleware to adapt your games easily to multiple Java Games scenarios, like Desktop Games, Mobile Games and Web Games.

Tibsqvm - Enhanced Tremulous 1.1 QVM with a splash of 1.2

Oldest News On The BottomDevelopment Slowdown(May 19, 2011)As some of you might know, today is my last day to have a laptop available to me (school laptop, they are taking it tomorrow). There will be major inactiveness, and if everything goes the way I'm seeing it right now, 1.1 won't even be alive. I am considering stopping at this point since there is enough seperation as there already is. (X Servers, Regular Servers, etc.) Version 1.9 Released!(May 08, 2011)I've decided to release 1.9, and wi

Dqvm - QVM for Tremulous

,, `7MM .g8""8q.`7MMF' `7MF'`7MMM. ,MMF' MM .dP' `YM.`MA ,V MMMb dPMM ,M""bMM dM' `MM VM: ,V M YM ,M MM,AP MM MM MM MM. M' M Mb M' MM8MI MM MM. ,MP `MM A' M YM.P' MM`Mb MM `Mb. ,dP' :MM; M `YM' MM `Wbmd"MML. `"bmmd"' VF .JML. `' .JMML. MMbA QVM (Quake Virtual Machine) for Tremulous by DraZiLoX, based on lakitu7's QVM. Added featureschanged some texts added !firework [a|h] which plays winning animation for both/selected team (originally by Amanieu) added welcome message added freecredits cvar add

basilisk - the basilisk go server

the basilisk go server


basil(isk): a front-end for the anemone web crawler.

basiliskii - Basilisk II, an m68k Mac emulator

Basilisk II, an m68k Mac emulator

Medusa - Modern organiser for OSX version of Basilisk and Sheepshaver

Modern organiser for OSX version of Basilisk and Sheepshaver


A Mac build of the BasiliskII GUI