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The purpose of the Basic4Pic project is the development of a BASIC language compiler for PIC microcontrollers.



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3dvirtualworld - A project which is a social 3D virtual network just looking as a real world.

In this project, user can live as in real world. some of the main topics here we discuss like: 1) user can roam/walk in the Virtual3D environment. 2) user can chat(audio/video conferncing) as same as he do with his neighbour. 3) user has a 3D avatar which consist of actual pic. 4) user can change their looks, hair, dress, but not actual pic.. 5) user can share every data with whom wanted( privacy is more important). 6) user can go to the offices or blocks or groups. 7) makes a global real world

Tweeterapid - Yet another twitter client written in C#

This project is still in its early stage What is TweeteRapid ?TweeteRapid is a basic Twitter Client written in C# (.NET 4.0). It is targetted at developers who wish to develop their own twitter client. \t3 minutes ago via [Your own app]Profile ViewerUses the REST API provided by Twitter. It simply parses the XML to display the profile information of any twitter user. Status updaterUses OAuth Authentication to sign in to twitter. Twitterizer library is used for authentication using OAuth to twitt

Primario - Plataforma Robotica Libre

Primario Primario es un robot de bajo costo basado en PIC adaptado al mercado Argentino con componentes que se pueden conseguir en forma local. Esta basado en 4 versiones anteriores de controladores robóticos desarrollados a partir de 2004. El soft de control es completamente libre y posee un pequeño sistema operativo envevido free para realizar control desde el puerto serie de la PC. Niveles de programación: Alto Nivel Python El sistema envevido operativo (SEP) que permite enviarle ordenes a

Pyseq - Python File Sequence Module

OverviewPySeq is a python module that finds groups of items that follow a naming convention containing a numerical sequence index (e.g. fileA.001.png, fileA.002.png, fileA.003.png...) and serializes them into a compressed sequence string representing the entire sequence (e.g. fileA.1-3.png). It should work regardless of where the numerical sequence index is embedded in the name. For examples, see basic usage below. Basic UsageUsing the "z1" file sequence example in the "tests" directory: % ls te

Modulus-os - A beginner's OS with basic functionality.

This is an OS that I wrote a couple years ago. I'd like to bring it to a more usable state, but as a graduate student, I do not have the time to do so. You are encouraged to use this code to help learn about basic OS development. If anyone wants to take some of the code for their own project, modify the code in any way, or build onto it...feel free! Just let me know. I'd love to see what you do with this. My email address is listed in the code headers. Here's how to get the kernel running... The

Temporal-jdbc-proxy - Temporal JDBC proxy

Project overviewTemporal JDBC Proxy allows to keep transactional time and history of data with a two-timestamps solutions. The proxy accepts SQL queries with temporal extensions and rewrites them into standards SQL seemingly for the supported DBMSs. The software assumes a schema which has been temporalized. Temporalizing a schema basically means adding the needed information to keep history of data, namely the timestamps, also appends tend column to all primary keys. This implementation is based

Oscmax2 - osCmax - osCommerce Maximized

osCmax is a powerful e-commerce/shopping cart web application. osCmax has all the features needed to run a successful internet store and can be customized to whatever configuration you need. There are no artificial limits placed on the feature set, amount of products or sales amounts. osCmax is 100% free to use as needed from a small shop with a few products to tens of thousands of products and customers and larger. Highlights100% Open Source Easy template system - customize your store with html

Freejalduino - This is an Arduino like board, based on PIC18F2550

FreeJALduino It can be programmed in Arduino language via Pinguino IDE of Jean-Pierre Mandon, JAL language, Swordfish Basic, Proton+ Basic or any other PIC language. (BTW, anyone knows what is happening with Swordfish Basic?) JAL code exampleinclude freejalduino4 -- the board pinout definitions, PICtarget, clock and boot-- delay libraryinclude delayenable_digital_io() -- all pins are now digitalD13_direction = OUTPUT -- set pin RC2/D13 as outputforever loop D13 = HIGH delay_1ms(250) -- delay 250

Tequila-sunlight - Tool that provide more visiblity on build results

This tool is used by Fishing Cactus to get more visiblity on build results. The main purpose is to connect a traffic light on a build server and use light combinations to show build results. The devices are : Microchip PIC32MX4-80 Bluetooth DIP Module WRL-08550 A build server with Hudson A traffic light The software parts in this project are : An application to control the microchip running on StickOS A Hudson plugin that analyzes build results and send commands to the microchip through bluetoot

Usbthumb - USB PIC Development Platform

This project contains some customized firmware code for USBThumb. Each project has a Release directory where you can get pre-compiled .hex files. These hex files can be loaded to UsbThumb using the USB HID Bootloader software (part of Microchip's USB Framework) or using a programmer, unless otherwise noted. Please note that some hex files that include a bootloader will have the prefix UsbThumbBootloader - you can use these to program UsbThumb with both bootloader and custom application, bootload