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A collection of handy bash functions to perform convenient operations within bash scripts. Tested on Ubuntu LTS.



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A collection of useful bash scripts to assist in Linux system administration. Includes flexible scripts to backup and install Linux systems. Requires (and includes) bash-script-lib. Tested on Ubuntu LTS.

Scriptz - Fred Zhu's script for work and life.

My personal script for work and life, visit my weblog, or write a comment to me. sysadmin(svn) is a system manage web-app build by perl and python, a CgiApp Wiki page talk about c, perl, python in CGI, visit the wiki page SysAdmin to get more. Personal Scripts(svn) for server management or works, write by Shell, C, Perl or Python, a MyScript wiki page get more information. ScriptSnippet is my personal script wiki pages for work and life. MediaWikiPage is my study an work for media. PerlScript is

Chunksofcode - personal collection of tools and projects used to study and work

ChunksOfCodethis "project" is a set of my projects (tools, utilities, games, demos, junk, ...) created mostly for learning purposes, some code was written for me dealing with my pc. GAMESmines/minesweeper game with swing gui (and as ajax-browsergame: web-wings-mines) schnellen-core/card game "tiroler schnellen", with a commandline ui. lifesimulator/swing app showing the life of foxes and rabbits. rabbits are eaten by the foxes. demonstrates usage of the paint(Graphics) app-rubic-cube/(not yet ru

And-the-kitchen-sink-plus - (Mostly) automated build script for full-featured web development enviro

This simple shell script largely automates the process of downloading, compiling and installing a full-featured web development environment for Mac OS X. It includes the necessary build commands for Intel-based computers running Mac OS X Leopard (may also work on Tiger, but untested) and is regularly maintained to keep installed packages up-to-date. Includes build/install commands for: zlib LibXML2 LibXSLT lxml for Python SQLite 3 Readline Ruby 1.8.7 Expat MySQL Community Server Ruby Gems FastCG

Avisynth2linux - Collection of shell scripts that help installing and using AviSynth 2.5.x on Linux.

Currently this project holds two bash scripts: getavisynth downloads AviSynth 2.5.8, avs2yuv and some essential plugins and installs them within a self-contained directory tree. runavs is a helper script for running AviSynth through Wine and avs2yuv. It is installed by getavisynth. Prerequisites: Wine; preferably a recent version, but at least 1.0 and later should work. Use packages supplied by your distribution if possible. These dependencies are probably already installed in a standard desktop

Latexince - Evince with Latex Backward Search

Evince with Latex Backward Search. How to use Suppose you have a TeX source file "main.tex" 1. Using DVI src specials: latex --src-specials main.tex export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/lib/ /usr/local/bin/evince --editor="gedit +%l %f" main.dvi 2. Using SyncTex & DVI: latex -synctex=1 main.tex export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/lib/ /usr/local/bin/evince --editor="synctex edit -o %p:%x:%y:%o -x 'gedit +%%{line} %%{input}'" main.dvi 3. Using SyncTex & PDF: pdflatex -synctex=1 main.tex export LD_LIBR

As3-scaffold - as3 scaffolding framework

as3-scaffold as3-scaffold is a lightweight as3 framework with an accompanying set of scaffolding scripts to automate the tedium of setting up new as3 projects, with support for PureMVC. note: a working version is not yet available Initial Goalsgenerate project directory structure according to your schema on a svn repository checkout structure to specified working directory scaffold a "vanilla" AS3 project or a PureMVC AS3 project that includes basic application structure, with support for Fabric

Gaboratfer - Gabor filter analysis in face recognition

Analysing how well different Gabor filter parameters affect success rates in face recognition. Extraction of facial features by using Gabor filterThis is a school project. No cool people allowed. :D We have used Gabors filter for extracting facial features for use in face recognition task. An achived accuracy on used data set is 94.7%. We have used SVM as a classifier and commercial data set with about 4000 images and 500 classes (different human faces) (data set was given to us (already normali

Readfluka - A tool to read the FLUKA unformatted output

DescriptionThe goal of this project is to provide a friendly object-oriented interface for reading the FLUKA binary output produced by different estimators and (if necessary) convert it in a ROOT file or any other format. For instance, using this library one can easily read the USRBIN output and draw the resulting histogram with any external tool like ROOT or Gnuplot. Notice that the code is full of bugs, limitations and not-yet-supported features... but sometimes it works. Implemented converter