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base64url encoding/decoding methods



Related Projects

Python-geohash64 - Geohash encoder based on 'base64url'

Geohash encoder based on 'base64url' Area devision algorithm. q

En-decode - En/decode e.g. Base64, URL and XML

The goal is creating a simple tool which contain the functionality to en/decode allot of different data e.g. base64, URL and XML. Depending on Apache Commons Codec

Monsur-gae-dev-tools - Dev Tools for GAE

A set of development tools developed for Google App Engine, including: Whats my IP? Whats my UserAgent? Make an http request Return various http status codes Encode/Decode Base64/HTML/Url Code highlighter The code is hosted at

Python-simpleencode - Simple python encoder/decoder for short strings given a salt useful for data o

simple encode decode with a private key, based on the base64 encode and decode. Initially developed for turning database ID's into URL's without exposing the ids in the url, or having a bot iterate over the values. Also useful for storing passwords which need to be converted back to clear text, in alphanumeric form given a secret word. This is NOT encryption nor a hash. This is NOT cryptographically safe. For that an SSL public/private key pair is preferred. For situations where the encoded stri

Stringencoders - A collection of high performance c-string transformations

A collection of high performance c-string transformations, frequently 2x faster than standard implementations (if they exist at all). including base64, standard base64, web/url safe, with configurable alphabet base85 (good for http cookies) base16 (hex) base2 (ascii binary) url escaping javascript string escaping fast number to string conversion, 4-22x faster than sprintf! fast ascii upper/lower case conversion, 2-66x faster than stdlib! (yes, 66x faster) And it's all wrapped up in a bow for you

Aes4web - Encrypt data into web-safe strings

Using AES through pyCrypto ( library, we create base64 encoded strings suitable for use in URLs or Cookies. My use is as follows: >>> import json>>> from aes4web import AES4WEB>>> >>> data = { "some key": "some value"}>>> json_string = json.dumps(data)>>> crypto = AES4WEB('password')>>> cipher = crypto.encrypt(json_string)>>> cipher'UFbxBcRt-chB0zkOjrcxdCeWeRKxToYuBRnifNu4IxpKj0kVcgNbo_aC27IgGneP'>>> >>> # cipher is a string safe for urls.... >>> # to deco

Jinahya - Jinahya's Java Libraries

Jinahya's LibrariesThis project is hosting jinahya's personal libraries. MavenAll artifacts will be available from the central repository. <dependency> <groupId>com.googlecode.jinahya</goupId> <artifactId>${project.artifactId}</artifactId> <version>${project.version}</version></dependency>ApidocsApidocs will be available on following URL template.${project.groupId}/${project.artifactId}/${project.version}/apidocs/index.html

Idea-string-manip - Idea Sring Manipulation

Provide actions for text manipulation: Un/Escape selected Java text Un/Escape selected JavaScript text Un/Escape selected HTML text Un/Escape selected XML text Un/Escape selected SQL text Trim selected text Trim all spaces in selected text Remove all spaces in selected text Encode selected text as URL Convert selected text to Camel Case Convert selected text to Constant Case Encode selected text to MD5 Hex16 De/Encode selected text to Base64 Remove empty lines Convert non ASCII to escaped Unicod

Pyngfm - Python implementation of API

SummaryPyngFM is a Python implementation of API. is a simple service that allow you to update multiple social networks with a single post. DocumentationMethodsPyngFM.system_services()Description: return a complete list of supported services. PyngFM.user_key()Description: Will exchange a mobile application key for a functional application key. This is for mobile apps that would offer an easier way of authenticating users. Parameters: mobile_key - Mobile application key. (Users can

Pharduinop - A solution to &#39;upload&#39; an Arduino Skech remotely From the Web

========================================================================= Design=========================================================================- A Web site hosts a PHP script which allows EDITing of a remote Arduino sketch ('arduino_sketch.txt'), both script and txt files are at the same URL (e.g: '')- A Local Processing Sketch 'polls' periodically the remote 'arduino_sketch.txt' (with an 'http GET') and when the remote Arduino sketch is mod